bienvenue Prend deux minutes pour t’abonner à ma chaine et surtout active la petite cloche, cela te fera une alerte des que je publie une nouvelle vidéo ! ou le trouver : vos questions les plus fréquentes : pourquoi “ELECTRON” ? C’est juste que je trouve que cela sonneContinue Reading

I bought this robot lawn mower 3 days ago. It seems to be working fine. I wanted to make this video for people out there considering to buy the Redback RM24A-10. I have had my concerns, because it is quite cheap, but I think it has to do with theContinue Reading

I’m Teaching myself how to build robots and RC vehicles. So I decided to tackle the Lawnbot 400 from Make Magazine issue #22: I’m learning a lot, but man, it’s a lot more expensive if you don’t know where to search for the deals. Watch me bumble through theContinue Reading