At an optimum 810cc, Vanguard’s new line of commercial-grade engines establishes a new standard for zero-turn engine displacement. That means a more efficient, more powerful and, overall, more profitable commercial zero-turn mower. With better air management, lower vibration, and over 100 unique durability-enhancing components, Vanguard’s 810cc engines allow turf professionalsContinue Reading

Best Motor for Wind Turbine: Complete List with Features & Details – 2019 Click here to buy: #bestmotorforwindturbine #motor #garden Click here to Subscribe: 1. EUDAX Motor for Wind Turbine Review US ► ◄ CA ► ◄ IN ► ◄ • Motor Body Diameter:24mm/0.94″;Motor Height:22.21mm/0.87″ShaftContinue Reading

Yes indeed! – The Amazing Arduino controlled, ultrasonic and RGB sensor Robot Lawnmower project continues… with a faster, more aggressive cutting motor and a safety switch! – There will be a delay before the next release due to a festival next weekend! – SORRY! :-p Thumbs-up and subscribe please! ,Continue Reading