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Obstacle avoidance is an essential topic for self-driving vehicles. In this discussion, we often hear the word “LIDAR.” These devices recently got cheaper and affordable for many Makers. But are they worth your money for obstacle avoidance? Links: RPLidar A1: Supporting Material and Blog Page: Github: MyContinue Reading

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Part 2: $2 for 1-4 Layer PCBs, Get SMT Coupons: Previous video: Turning an Induction Motor into a Generator video: Facebook: Twitter: Support me for more videos: In this video I will be using a car alternator in combination with an old bicycleContinue Reading

Trinamic Website: Join Trinamics ROCINANTE newsletter: Previous video: Facebook: Twitter: Support me for more videos: Websites which were shown/used in the video: In this episode of DIY or Buy we will have a closer look at a small commercial 12V DC WaterContinue Reading