This is a closeup of my Large Arduino Robot w Sabertooth motor controller Compass steering and Bluetooth control with Wheelchair electric motors. This video uses youtube labels which might not be seen with most mobile phones, best viewed using a computer. , sourceContinue Reading

HUSQVARNA 315: HUSQVARNA 430x: MCCULLOCH: GARDENA: Other Robotic Mowers: My Planting Gear: Song : Different Kind Of Love (Instrumental Version) – Martin Hall OUTSIDE THE US LINKS: HUSQVARNA 430x: HUSQVARNA 315: h MCCULLOCH: GARDENA: Keywords: Mower, lawn, lawnmower, Mowers, lawn mower, lawnmowers,Continue Reading

Home-made robot lawn mower. Barbie Jeep + control system + blades & motors. Uses buried wire (electronic dog fence), bumpers, and flaps for navigation. Biased random steering. Transcript: So here’s the world famous pink and green lawn mower. Pink for these wheels — this thing started out life as aContinue Reading