Husqvarna X-line is our most fully-featured range, designed for those who want a top-of-the-line robotic mower. These robotic mower are equipped with the X-line equipment package including: • Automower® Connect with GPD theft tracking • GPS assisted navigation • LED headlights • Front rubber bumper • X-line body design. sourceContinue Reading

When you have the proper tools & machines, even the most disobedient overgrown hedges can be handled quite easily, restoring the beauty of your outer space. Plus, it can transform grueling yard work from labor-intensive work to something you would really enjoy, all thanks to modern day machines. So, todayContinue Reading

A bottle of Ferrari and Ambrogio Robot. Two Made in Italy brands that enter all homes, large and small, who love good, beautiful things that express Italian excellence. Live, Enjoy and Love Your Garden! #AmbrogioRobot Web Site: Facebook: Instagram: sourceContinue Reading