This is my attempt at making a vehicle that runs off air! (It worked pretty good!) I built this with my V2 Compressed Air Engine 3D-Printer Files: Car – Engine – Engine Video: Parts List: – 1 3D Printer – 1 PLA Filament – 1 V2 4 StrokeContinue Reading

Here is a little electronic ignition that I made for a rotovator that has a dud magneto. it is based on the wiring diagram for the TIM 4 (I said TIM6 in the video in error) Which is a 12v adaptation of this jerry howell ignition: I have notContinue Reading

Hi everyone today iam showing you how to make jet engine at home I hope you enjoy this video Please subscribe our channel because i need your help.. Please like and share with your friends and family.. #HowToMakeJetEngine #JetEngine #howtomake #FreeEnergy #construction #ScienceExperiment #mrindianhacker #FunnyVideos #TIKTOK #Pranks #PrankWithGirls #P4Pakao #NadirAliPranksContinue Reading