People make these 7 mistakes over and over again when they decide to buy their first solar panel system. Learn from the thousands of people I have interacted with over the years and my own painful experiences learning the hard way. #top7solarmistakes #solarmistakes #solarpower ****Read the pinned comment below forContinue Reading

Testing Ardumower rear driven (driven wheel back) versus front driven (driven wheel front) for climbing up mountains. The rear-driven Ardumower uses default Ardumower tires. Although the front-driven uses pushcart tires with higher traction, the rear-driven wins 🙂 More info: , sourceContinue Reading

1. Do the easiest thing first 2. Don’t rely on the people that tried and failed prior 3. 90% of problems are between the driver’s seat and the steering wheel Bonus: If it can go wrong, it WILL go wrong. (Murphy’s Law) Long term projects here: , sourceContinue Reading

Homemade drill powered electric gokart for kids. Made from 21mm plywood, wheelbarrow wheels, some tubes, old bicycle parts. and old 9.6v screwdriver. Basic tools are used. p.s. Screwdriver is without automatic chuck lock, so it turns freely even without power. p.p.s. Chainguard is reccomended. Here are some dimensions (if buildingContinue Reading