My summer project building an Arduino based robot lawn mower. It includes two ultra sound sensors for avoiding big objects, dc motors with encoders to detect if the robot is stuck and to keep it going straight and micro switched bump rail to detect direct collisions. , sourceContinue Reading

here is a preview of my rc lawn mower. Its not great for home use but to cut the grass at the field where i fly my planes, its perfect. Ofcourse it can be dangerous and have to be very carefull… but its a lot of fun. View at DailyMotionContinue Reading

Home-made robot lawn mower. Barbie Jeep + control system + blades & motors. Uses buried wire (electronic dog fence), bumpers, and flaps for navigation. Biased random steering. Transcript: So here’s the world famous pink and green lawn mower. Pink for these wheels — this thing started out life as aContinue Reading