This video will show you how to control SmartDriveDuo-30 MDDS30 using Arduino Uno (or compatible) with PWM Independent Mode. SmartDriveDuo-30 MDDS30: Maker Uno (Arduino Uno Compatible): Base Shield V2: Various types of DC Motor: , sourceContinue Reading

Motor is coasting to stop. This video is part of the article “Brushed DC Motor Driver Explained – Part 1”. sourceContinue Reading

Cytron Marketplace: Produk Baru | New Product (22 Oct 2020) ? 3 Layers RPi Cluster Acrylic Case with Cooling Fan ? USB to Dual Audio Adapter – 3.5mm Mic and Speaker ? USB to Audio Adapter – Integrated Mic and Speaker Jack ? 2.4-Inch Touch Screen TFTContinue Reading