www.superhouse.tv/superhouse-vlog-52-automower-grass-quality/ The main sales pitch for robot lawnmowers like the Husqvarna Automower is that you don’t have to mow your grass, ever again. It always looks neat. But there’s a second claim: that trimming the grass just a tiny amount each day also results in healthier grass. Time for aContinue Reading

* https://www.superhouse.tv/39-diy-air-quality-sensor-part-2-display-version/ * https://www.superhouse.tv/episodes It’s surprisingly easy to make your own simple air quality sensor. All you need is a cheap laser-scattering particulate matter sensor, a Wemos D1 Mini, a soldering iron, and Tasmota. Part 1 showed how to make the simplest possible air quality sensor. Part 2 extends theContinue Reading

* http://www.superhouse.tv/episodes * http://www.superhouse.tv/15-watchdog-timers-for-arduino-home-automation A watchdog timer helps keep your embedded devices running, by making sure they are responding properly and automatically hitting reset or cycling the power if they die. I’ve added a simple hardware watchdog timer to an Arduino compatible board running inside my ceiling, where it’s difficultContinue Reading

* http://www.superhouse.tv/episodes * http://www.superhouse.tv/14-ambient-tile-using-arduino-esp8266-and-neopixel-compatible-leds Ambient information displays allow a home automation system to provide you with subtle feedback embedded within your environment. Concealing RGB LEDs behind a wall tile allows them to display status information when they are turned on, but still be totally invisible when turned off. SuperHouse: –Continue Reading

www.superhouse.tv/superhouse-vlog-51-automower-blade-replacement/ The magic of the Husqvarna Automower is that you hardly ever need to care about it. You can leave it for weeks or months, and it’ll take care of itself. However, there is one piece of maintenance that you need to perform: blade replacement. It’s quite easy and onlyContinue Reading

* http://www.superhouse.tv/episodes * http://www.superhouse.tv/22-linbus-axa-electric-window-motors Sorry about the focus problems! Some parts of this episode were recorded with a new camera that I’m still trying to figure out, and it just doesn’t want to stay in focus 🙁 I recently got my hands on some AXA electric window motors that includeContinue Reading

* http://www.superhouse.tv/episodes * http://www.superhouse.tv/16-pocket-chip Do your ever find yourself inside your ceiling or under the floor working on your home automation system, and need to SSH to a remote machine or re-flash an Arduino? I may have found the answer. SuperHouse: – www.superhouse.tv – twitter.com/superhousetv – www.facebook.com/superhousetv/ Jonathan Oxer: –Continue Reading