1. There is a magnet up under the lid. This trips often if the landroid bounces hard or is on too steep of a hill.
    What they don't tell you is this bumping will also get caused by the caster wheels being a bad design. After a year of this or frequent pickups from the front of the mower. The lid will show signs of flex. And the magnets under the lid begin to weaken.
    You can prove this to yourself by putting a 2.5 lb weight on the top near the sensor eye section. This will reduce (not stop) the mower lifted error because it reduces the casters from lifting as high and getting caught up causing the hard drop and sensor error. The app needs a way to set tolerance or disable it. Otherwise we'll need an aftermarket design on the wheel base.
    I have thought about adding springs to the caster up/down slop. It could fix the issue giving a smoother ride like shocks. If it works then a 4$ set of springs when engineering would of saved some headaches. And I would of never used reed sensors on a vibrating platform.

  2. Mine cannot start..same error.but even if I reset it it does not let me press start

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