Are Cordless Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Worth The Money? There so many brands out there like EGO, Hart, Worx, Ryobi, Toro and many more. We can not tell you the Atlas Cordless lawn mower is better, but we can show it work. We show you the truth on this cordless mower! This is not just one of the many self propelled lawn mower reviews. We run this FlexVolt battery powered lawn mower from Harbor Freight through the paces. We tested the Atlas 80V Lithium-ion cordless 21 inch self propelled mower in real world conditions. We cut it no slack. It is rated to mow for 80 mins of mowing and we mowed through light stuff, thick stuff, and mean stuff.
We will do a mid summer review.

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Mower Info:
The Atlas™ 80V Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless 21 In. Self-Propelled Lawn Mower makes mowing easier than ever. The self-propelled drive has a variable-speed cruise control that senses your pace and adjusts to match. The drive system offers superior traction on slopes and lets you cut thicker grass with ease. Brushless technology provides increased efficiency, more torque and longer life. This 80V cordless mower has more power, more speed and larger cut capacity to tackle the most demanding jobs. Give your outdoor power equipment a boost with the gas-like performance of Atlas™ 80V tools. Uses only Atlas™ 80V batteries, sold separately.

Brushless motor delivers 4X power, up to 80 min. runtime using when using two Atlas™ 80V batteries
Self-propelled with variable-speed rear wheel drive and cruise control to easily maintain speed
21 in. steel deck
Automatic load sensing technology adjusts motor performance for greater power and longer runtime
Runs at full power and performance using one Atlas™ 80V battery
Dual battery capacity accepts a second Atlas™ 80V battery in reserve and switches automatically for ultimate runtime
Single-lever height adjustment for a choice of 7 different cutting heights
3-in-1 function – mulching, bagging, side discharge
Adjustable handle with 3 height adjustments folds flat for storage
10 in. flat-free wheels for smoother operation on any terrain

ryobi self propelled mower,
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We would like to thank Harbor Freight for providing the mower to review. This in no way influenced the review. We say what we think.

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  1. I bought a battery Black and Decker eight years ago and have loved it’s ease of use. But it looks like I need a new mower. Thanks for this video.
    The mower is dead! Long live the mower!!

  2. Thank you sir for the review.will be going tomorrow to harbor freight to pick one up.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  3. THANK YOU SIR……a 71yr young lady here ,,I just bought me one of these . Love it….Love from South Alabama….serious grass mowing.

  4. Thank you Sir. I need a mower my wife ife can use when I'm to busy at work. This is going to be great and it appears I'll use this to. I need about 45 solid minutes of power to cut my grass. Saw this is Harbor Freight for 179 , charger 29. 1 battery is 60. I'm tired of working on gas yard equipment that decides not to work right and always at the wrong time. When you need it. lol

  5. I didn't read the instructions either, but I did read somewhere that Greenworks is the real OEM for Atlas, Kobalt, Hart, and maybe a few other electric mowers models. Make that orange plastic green and switch a few stickers and it looks very much like my Greenworks.

  6. Sorry Tony but you lost me at the assembly of the handle! When I compared to the ease of a ego lawn mower handle this mower is an epic fail just out of the box! You also neglected to tell viewers that you didn’t even have the lawn mower on its lowest level! Would of been more interesting to watch what it did lower to the grass!

  7. Hi, do you really need the self propelled? My lawn is flat. Thanks

  8. Hi Tony, great video! I'm considering adding these to our mowing crews for smaller properties. I know they are not commercial, but for a couple uses a week I figure it would be fine. Do you happen to know what the actual recharge time is on each battery by any chance? The charge time will be the deciding factor. Thanks in advance!

  9. Great vid bubba; appreciate it. Been research in’ for a long while now on batt brushless mowers. I’m soon to be retiring from military & I’m tired of petrol mowers. Was bout to settle on the GreenWorks 80V, but came across this Atlas the other day at local HF, so once again began research. Always been a fan HF, but hadn’t known bout their batt mowers. Ur vid is the 2nd one I’ve viewed & with the same positive results. One thing caught my eye, tho. The similarities, cosmetically wise, compared to the GreenWorks & Kobalt batt mowers. Then thru research I have discovered that all 3, including like 2 others that aren’t well known are made by the same China manufacturing plant & ultimately owned by Chevron I believe. I’m familiar, as a frequent shopper of HF, know how their warranties are ran & IMO this is a good deal. I’m most likely gonna purchase this Atlas after all. The other popular mowers, such as HD’s Ryobi & Lowe’s EGO are good, but I’m not a fan of a polyurethane plastic deck, as they’ve been known to ‘tweek’ in a way where the blades could cut into the deck. As long as you scrape off the grass buildup underneath a steel deck, they won’t rust out nearly as bad since those clumps hold moisture. The steel decks will last much, much longer. Anyways, great review & God’s Blessings from the greatest state of TEXAS!

  10. Purchased an Atlas self-propelled a few weeks ago. Purchased to mow my ditch and spots not accessible with my 61” zero turn. Ergonomics and design of this thing is excellent. I don’t think people realize how much cordless equipment has come. Battery life is not awesome but manageable. Bought one battery will have to get another. Will probably look at more atlas tools. Bought the leaf blower the same day as the mower and is also very impressive!! 👍👍

  11. Only deal breaker is that the batteries and charger aren't included and you'll be in it over $400

  12. Best video for the atlas and I’m sold! Got my battery and charger and will get the mower tomorrow plus another battery. Thanks you!!!😀👍🏾

  13. I have been thinking about this mower for some time but am concerned about the plastic hub underneath the mower. I have a black walnut tree and they are rough on my gas powered lawnmower..I was wondering how it would hold up in my yard…

  14. Nice review man! So you can’t run that mower with the 40V battery right? just want to confirm before purchasing🤔

  15. Ego was cheaper when new also, real cheap. I have had two ego 20" mowers for about 10 years along with blower, three grass trimmers, and a bush trimmer. Bought all on line from varied venders, they are all registered with Ego. Had a mower that would not work at all after I purchased it, called Ego, sent me a new mower (no charger or battery) immediately. Still have the one that didn't work for parts. All six batteries still work, one charger went bad out of six, quick charger still works. I was surprised at Atlas's price too, especially for batteries, but it sent a caution message to my mind. Believe atlas is about 20 lbs heavier too. That's my experience with Ego. Thanks

  16. Really great review. I have the Atlas 80V battery for the string trimmer and blower. After seeing this I'm buying the mower and one more battery and selling my gas powered riding mower. Clean exercise is good.

  17. Still running like new after a year? Any idea of replacement battery costs down the road? I’d think everything else would run for a good long while without issue

  18. Nice review…. On a side note, you ALWAYS want to overlap that one wheel about an inch or so. That goes with any and all mowers… Both electric and gas. That's a given.

    I've seen this mower at harbor freight the last several times I've went there and have been checking it out…

    I always just assume their products are subpar and just kind of mediocre at best, but this particular mower seems to be higher quality than I thought it would be. 👍🏼

  19. You sure a barrel of laughs🤣. Thanks for the great review and for helping make my decision🙂👍

  20. Thank you so much for this review! I went ahead and got one because my neighbor raved about it and I really trust her judgement. After watching this video I'm so glad I did!

  21. Thank you for a detailed how to video. I know nothing about mowers, gas or electric. I'm about to use my daughter's Atlas mower this weekend and I now feel confident I won't have any problems operating it

  22. Great video, too many videos with people talking about mowers and not using them. I wanted this mower, but needed to see if it was really any good. Thanks.

  23. Until you mentioned it, I always wondered why most of the cordless mowers have the round disk on the bottom with the fins but yes it acts as a fan. Nice!

  24. Love your video, Tony. I'm unboxing my new BDay present to self now and your video not only showed me how easy set up will be, it's also improbably enjoyable (and at times hilarious) to watch. Thank you for making my evening!

  25. How’s the mower holding up? Been thinking of getting one for the areas my tow behind can’t get to. Although at the current time Lowe’s has the EGO non propelled model with battery and charger for $399

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