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Keeps Your Lawn in Pristine Condition – Mow your lawn with little effort! Use this automatic lawn mower to schedule a task, and let it mow specific areas of your lawn any time. Programmed to move every 48 hours, it lets you maintain a nicely cut lawn in a breeze!

Efficient and Quiet Operation – Instead of maintaining your manicured lawn with manual gardening tools, use this 3-blade robotic lawn mower, which operates quietly at 65dB. Equipped with a brushless motor, it has a cutting width of 9.5 inches and can mow up to 0.25 acres.

Smart and Convenient – Just set your yard size and time, and then let it cut the grass. If the battery is low or it senses rain, the cordless mower returns and charges at the docking station. This electric lawn mower restarts when fully charged/the lawn is dry enough for mowing.

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