The main sales pitch for robot lawnmowers like the Husqvarna Automower is that you don’t have to mow your grass, ever again. It always looks neat. But there’s a second claim: that trimming the grass just a tiny amount each day also results in healthier grass. Time for a direct comparison of the main lawn area maintained by the Automower, versus a patch of grass that I have been mowing manually.


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  1. I have a relatively flat lawn that nevertheless has a number of bumps and uneven bits in it because it is a bigger, more country like lawn🌼 allabout.wiki/Husqvarna-315X After the set up, which went as smoothly as can be expected given how much I hate learning to work new tech toys, Husqvarna got to work and did a surprisingly quiet job of getting the mowing done. While it has gotten itself stuck a couple of times, lifting the mower out of a too low bed edge occasionally is a whole lot less labor-intensive than dealing with having the mow crew come twice a month and having to pay the resulting bill.

  2. Great to see a direct comparison. Ty

    How is your lawn looking now some years later?

  3. Spent the last hour or two looking at reviews and finally came across your review that was actually helpful in showing in detail the quality of the grass.

    Hats off to ya for a fantastic video

  4. you really should have dethatched your lawn prior to installing the automower. you still have all of the old thatch that is strangling your lawn.

  5. Santa Anna couch would look amazing with this mower I'm in Victoria aswell and my lawn looks great but it would look even better with the automower

  6. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''" Dethatch lawn "'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

  7. Hi SuperHouseTV, I have enjoyed your videos.
    I purchased a Automower 315 late last year and so far have been very impressed. I've also been seeking as much info as I can from the internet and came across the Automower Connect module that is now available for all the current model Automowers. The reason that I was interested in the Connect module was for the added security and being able to track its position if somebody decided to remove it from my front lawn and also the ability to make adjustments from my my mobile phone.
    Looking into the Connect module a little further it has a SIM card that it uses for communication which operates on the 2G network. Being in Australia most of the 2G network has shutdown and will be completely gone by September 2017.
    While the Automower Connect seems like a worthwhile proposition it doesn't seem like it can be used for much longer. I believe it will require a new module to cover 3G at a later date.
    I was wondering what you may know about this?

  8. the auto mower would be a game changer for me. At £2,500 the cost cannot be justified right now. I reckon the automower costs maybe £200 in parts max to make plus manpower and marketing budget. it's currently a luxury product and Husquvana have the market it seems.
    Hopefully we will see an open-auto–mower.org project take shape. This machine is such labour saver it's not, hopefully, going to take long for it to be reverse engineered.
    A drone flight control board + RTK for 2cm accuracy + housing + blade + wheels + motor + lipo cells + docking charging station + auto piloting software.
    it's quite a lot of work when all listed out. Needs a collaborative effort.
    I'm sure Husquvana had various teams on it to bring product to market in fairly short order.
    Wander when the fairly decent Chinese rip off will appear?

  9. what for library do you use for the headers. i want to make my one board but i want to use your library, were can i find it
    and a great video thanks for the information

  10. Great informative video thanks 🙂
    It's difficult to see how good the cut with the auto mower is, because it takes off so little during the period of filming.
    How does it compare to the cut from a good petrol mower over say 1 month?
    Do you need to keep the petrol mower for 'edging' or does the green perimeter wire placement allow the mower to get everywhere?

  11. Great comparison – I wouldn't have guessed it would make much difference, but the Automover cut grass is much much healthier looking.

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