In this video, Chris reviews the all new 2021 Cub Cadet LT42e electric lawn tractor. This is a 2nd generation of the Enduro XT1 LT42e, powered by a 56-volt lithium ion battery.

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This video was sponsored by Cub Cadet and the tractor was provided on loan to create the review.

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  1. Stay away from this mower! Buyers beware. I bought one 2 years ago and it worked fine for the most part, but this year the mower deck would not start. Took it in to a service center an hour from our house (hardly any service the electric mowers btw) and after 3 weeks there, they called us back to say that the part they need is not available and it will be at least 5-6 months! Called Cub Cadet and they basically told us there's nothing they can do for us even though the mower is still under warranty. They do not stand behind this product and if you read the reviews, these have been full of troubles. I'm a big fan of electric vehicles and tools, but this one was a big let down. I had to buy a John Deere to replace it and will be selling it if they ever fix it for me.

  2. I've always wanted a Cub Cadet! I just think they're so cute and I love the yellow and I love the name. And I've always wanted (since I found out they existed) an electric riding lawn mower. So I like seeing a review about it.

  3. Should not have taken two moes I’ll keep my 24 k 50 thank you one try

  4. Why can't you use it in the rain? It doesn't need oxygen, it should be waterproof. 🤔

    I've used my Greenworks electric mower in the rain without problems.

  5. You forgot the MASSIVE con that it costs $4500 and the gas version is $2000. That is personally my single largest hold up against electric riding mowers. I won't get one unless they are the same price as gas, otherwise that extra $2000-$2500 would buy me almost 30 years worth of gas. At today's prices.

  6. Nice. You pay close to $5,000 and you have to mow the yard twice. No thanks.

  7. Not sold on the idea yet. My garden tractor is hard to beat.It works all day with no down time. As far as belts changing….I think I did my first belt change after 12 years. I guess I like my gas engine over any electric vehicle thats out there. Besides I'm waiting for them to figure what to do with spent lithium ion batteries. In a neighborhood like yours with house close to each other I could see it being a great thing to have. Good review.

  8. this is for those folks who have more money than they know what to do with, People praise electric, yet it cost you more than twice the amount of a gas motor, I could by two mowers for the price of one of these,,booooooo

  9. I absolutely Love my Electric lawn tractor. No problems what so ever. I did bend the blade on a small stump, I didn't see but I took it off and straightened it out. I'll be very careful in the future. It's a lawnmower, not a bush hog. stay out of the 'Woods"with it and it will do exactly what it is intended to do!😉!!!

  10. I got one from home depot for $2100 I think they weren't selling and were just trying to get rid of them but they hiding them in the back.

  11. Can you tell me if you can hook up something to the battery? I use a pull behind sprayer that hooks to the battery of my gas powered riding lawn mower, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to hook to the battery of this mower?

  12. So keeping it clean must be a pain if you cant wash? How do you do it?

  13. Lol, no compromises …..

    Cant be stored outside
    Cant handle moisture
    Has no wash port for deck, cause apparently it can’t even handle water there…yikes!
    High sticker price
    Batteries are expensive, and oh yeah were in the middle of a shortage spurred on by a President who gets confused when asked his first name! He makes jimmy carter look like a genius! Who doesn’t miss those days of 30% interest mortgages? (Sorry for going on torrent)

    Gas is still king baby….though not close perfect
    No expensive batteries that looses capacity after a few years and some in a few months
    My $1700.00 D-110 gave me nearly 11 years before any major maintenance was required beyond normal oil and filter changes that take minutes to accomplish.
    It can be washed with water
    It can be stored outside under a cover
    There are no expensive electronics to worry about replacing
    Takes a minute to fill tank vs hours
    Noise isn’t great but not much more than the electric with blades going.
    The big con if I’m being fair is on my mower deck, belts don’t last long. Not sure about newer models today. Its likely cause my model was the entry level unit, I guessing. You will become “master belt changer”. Takes 5 minutes but is still a hassle on my D110.

  14. Great review and video. How do you clean under the deck? I remove mine on my Craftsman once a year to really get the harder chunks out. Is it passible with this unit or do you have to run it up on ramps to scrape out the crap? Thanks

  15. Build cheap and overpriced lithium ion are old technology battery LITHIUM IRON BATTERY if the way to go and good luck if you found parts my neighbor had 1 month waiting for parts NO THANKS

  16. Nice car 🙂 man I'd love this thing but it's just too expensive. I have the XT1 that was like 20% the cost of this haha. I use it for mowing, plowing, hauling. If this could be like $2k I'd probably go for it.

  17. Dude just for your understanding if you can’t easily and safely take the battery 🔋 out of the lawnmower during the winter 🥶 season the cold weather will kill ☠️ your battery 🔋 it’s not a Tesla. This company doesn’t care about you 😞

  18. I have the cub cadet electric ride on , no one is doing an interview on how the tech support works when a problem arises. It seems like they force you to bring the mower into a repair shop. One thing I fixed on my own was the deck motor which cost me $400. Cub Cadedet should have covered it but they did not . It was easy to replace however Cub Cadedet frowns upon the homeowner working on the mower it will void the warranty. So far it seemed easy plug and play. We need to see videos on how to repair and also replace the battery with the battery no longer charges. I was told the battery is supposed to last seven years and when it’s time to buy a new one it will cost $1400. Again we need to see more videos on maintenance and repair.

  19. I REALLY like this. I own an Tesla Model Y and Cub Cadet XT1 (gas). I've been curious about how well the electric version of the Cub works. I just published a video on my channel about the snowthrower attachment for the XT1 and was hopeful that I could use it on this one, too. But, will need to wait for an electric version that can get wet 😂. Thanks for posting this!

  20. Bought the older version in March of 2020. Started having problems Fall of 2021 with the throttle. Blades work but the tractor wont move. Very disappointed. Cub Cadet knows these things are garbage. Check the prompts on their service line.

  21. can you attach or is there an option to attach snow plow on to the cadet?

  22. Even though the music ruined the review but great review. I rather listen to electric mower sounds

  23. What is really important you need to be able to remove the battery 🔋 because all trackers are stored outside in a cold 🥶 carport or shed batteries don’t like the cold 🥶 so… need to be able to bring the batteries inside when not using.

  24. I'm just interested in seeing the wizz kids turn this into an electric road beast that does stupid mph speeds! 😅

  25. i hope there are retrofit kit out there to convert gas to electric power because i don't want to give up the one i have yet. i do like electric drive in everything, from cars to motorcycles to bicycles to rc cars and planes, and skateboards……

  26. I wish the deck had its own motor. Oh , it does, cool.

  27. Nice touch with the gas/oil leaf blower noise in the background (I'm betting you hate those things also and have an electric blower like me) BTW, love the Tesla also. (We are a 2 Tesla family since 2017.)

  28. Can you mow while in reverse? I just go a new riding mower last fall and the blades shut off everytime I put it in reverse. No one told me about this before I bought it. I'll gladly sell it if I know I your cadet doesn't shut its blades off when backing up. Thx much.

  29. Just bought the Cub cadet xt1 enduro series. It doesn’t turn on with all the common steps. The lcd screen shows (E101) and (E108) and (E113). And the battery is full 100%. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated

  30. I wonder how many years this will last myself I still mow with a 62 cub original but getting ready to retire it for a resto and mow with a 69 124

  31. I would love to have this tractor for LLC but I have three to four acres to mow at my own house oh well guess I'll have to work with the cb lt1018

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