6 years ago I was sick of running out of gas, having gas spill everywhere when tipping the mower over to clean it, having my starter cord break, and of course having it not start when I wanted to quickly mow the lawn – I bought my first EGO electric lawnmower and have never looked back.

6 years later and WOW – what a difference! It’s made the chore of mowing the lawn almost enjoyable 🙂

Gear Used

EGO 21″ Select Cut Self-Propelled Amazon https://amzn.to/3i2shm8

Sony A7iii https://amzn.to/2XcfuFr
Gopro Hero 8 https://amzn.to/2P6u5Ou
Sennheiser AVX Wireless Mic https://amzn.to/39I4GnR



  1. Not just the mower, I have all of their power tools, what a relief to prune tall hedges and use the fibercarbon shaft trimmer, or the 650cu-ft/min blower. Also having two rapid chargers makes mowing my 1 acre lawn when the Kubota is broken. So nice to do driveway edge trimming without inhaling carcinogens, this is the one activity where the exhaust used to be right at shoulder level, goodbye Stihl.

  2. I've been using the same gas powered B&S 20" cut push mower to do my trim work for the last 22 years, but then I enjoy doing the maintenance work on a mower. I bought a battery powered mower (Poulan Pro 58 volt) 2 seasons ago and while I have no complaints at all about it's power or run time the main complaint I have is that it simply won't get into areas I can get the smaller framed old gas push mower into for doing my trimming. I don't use weed eaters and do all my trimming with the push mower. Looking at that ego it's frame looks comparable in size to the Poulan I have which is just too big. The wheels are way in front of and behind the blades instead of being parallel with the front and back sweep of the blade on a small gas push mower so I guess I'll be sticking with a gas push mower for the foreseeable future. After 22 years my old Briggs still runs fine but the deck is shot, the holes for the wheels are wallowed out, etc. The rest of the lawn I mow with a riding mower as it's about 1.5 acres and that mower is 12 years old and still going strong. If I had a small city lawn with little to trim around besides the house and a couple of trees I think that ego would be just fine though.

  3. Electric mowers are there for guys that can't screw in a lightbulb, so to speak…

  4. Didn't mention how much will cost you with the batteries replacement or spare.

  5. I bought an EGO 21", charged the battery and the power has never come on. Not once. I've never used it, it's in for service and they can't figure it out

  6. The 80v Greenworks is much stronger. The Ego stalls out when the grass is about 10 inches long. Greenworks goes right through it.

  7. Love your video and so far I’ve had a few ego products and I love them but as far as you saying the Tesla of lawnmowers or whatever you said I love Elon musk too but I’m not so sure Tesla is some proven quality premium brand yet but yeah I’m just messing with you man great video thanks.

  8. I have the LM2102 and have not had any issues so far with also a 21" blade. I really like our model better, but can't wait to see what is next in the future!… Things will always get better and this works for me regardless, so I am happy with the 7.5 ah battery! (60 minutes charging/run time)

  9. What I found to be the most impressive thing about these mowers is the fact that the mower is light enough that it will actually propel itself without have to really push it. This has been very important with my bad back. If we hadn't moved to a yard that is smaller this year, I was going to purchase the zero turn rider.

  10. I have the 1st generation EGO, and I still love it. As much as this new generation is, though, I won’t upgrade until my present EGO dies so it may be for a very long time until I buy a new one. The one thing I’d like to know is the new generation more quiet than the 1st generation? Besides the maintenance free aspects of EGO and no gasoline fumes, I love how much more quiet it is compared to gasoline mowers.

  11. How are your batteries holding up? I had two batteries fail after 3 years of non-commercial use for a trimmer and blower.

  12. I usually don't comment on videos, but you were very professional and to the point. The demonstrations are nice too. Keep it up!

  13. How does this compare to the 21-inch Ryobi 40V HP Brushless Self-Propelled CROSSCUT Lawnmower?

  14. I have an old EGO 21" self propelled lawnmower from 2018. Like your old EGO mower, mine is pretty good at bagging up until ¾ of the bag being full, but for some reason clogs more easily when using the side discharge. EGO's only solution was to raise the height lever to 4 and spray cooking oil in the blade housing area and chute, which neither were ideal. You explained that you've had no problem with clogging from your new EGO select cut mower when bagging. How is your experience when using the side discharge of the select cut?

  15. So I ended up getting the LM2142SP its the new body, with one blade, self propelled but comes with x2 5.0 old batteries. Its a very odd in between. I love it works great but hard to tell how much life is left in the batteries besides the "15% warning" on the mower. The light switch is also near the battery not near the handle. My only issue with EGO is the product fragmentation.

  16. Agree Ego is thumbs up from our experience……..
    my wife and I bought an Ego self propelled mower 2 years ago when we moved and bought a house….. I had an Ego blower all ready so we decided to stay with the Ego battery system…..
    if needed I can run the mower or blower on either batteries….. have to say we are happy with it….. quiet, no worries about gas and tune ups, mow, mulch, easy to adjust the height, self-propel works great mowing or as you say just moving it back to the garage or shed, can be stored up on it's rear….. no issues with it .. I want it to last so we don't abuse it, no issues with battery life so far…. my advice is to sharpen the blade when needed….. my wife isn't afraid to use it either…. I'd say to check this brand out for sure

  17. I just purchased my new EGO and used it a couple of days ago. Great cut and my yard looked better then my old gas push mower.

  18. I just bought one yesterday with a 7.5 amp battery and 21" cut width, self propelled and Lowes had it on sale for $100 off. It was the easiest and quietest lawn mow I have ever experienced. I will NEVER go back to using a gas mower, especially the ones with the worthless plastic carburetors. Wish I had switched a few years ago.

  19. I have the older single-blade 21 in. self propelled Ego, as well as the newer model with the same features. Both are great; although, the new double-blade system cuts much better, leaving no longer side grass patterns, like the single blade. I have only one gripe: the new-model integral self propelled switches on either side of the handles makes it too easy to inadvertently press while grabbing the handle. These switches are basically a part of the handle, rather than a separate handle at the side. I have had a number of times where I went to grab just the handle, and pressed the integral self propel switches. Not a good idea. Now I have to adjust the self propelled speed switch to off, because this happens. When I want self propel, I then have to rotate the speed control from the off position, then press the switch(es). On the earlier models, I could simply leave the self propel speed to a pre setting, then grab the adjacent (very easy to reach and press) self propel switch. It was easy enough to do this, and no accidental forward motion incidents.

    I also had a problem with the new mower, called EGO—and they sent me a new one. Great customer service!

  20. I have an Ego 21" self propelled. This will be the 3rd season using it, if I keep it . I really like not having to get gas, oil, plugs, air filters, belts. But it just doesn't have the power, or maybe RPMs of gas powered. The wheels push down the grass , and the mower doesn't have the force or suction to pull the grass.back up and cut it. So on your next pass , you see all this grass that didn't get cut. I'm not willing to spend over 500.00 again on a newer model to see if they cut any better. So right now , I'm trying to decide which gas mower to buy.

  21. Great review, decided to purchase this product from a local Ace Hardware store today, thanks for a great review!

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