WORX 19″ Battery powered lawn mower vs Craftsman 22″ Gas review. If you are asking “Is a battery powered lawn mower any good?” The answer is YES! I am impressed with the WORX mower and will be using that from now on. No more buying gas and dealing with that mess. The WORX mower just made my job a little bit easier! I also tried the bagging function after the video and it worked amazing!!! In this review I give both mowers great cutting ability but the fact that the battery operated mower works as good as it does puts it in the lead for me!

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  1. I bought a Worx mower that requires two 20v 4ah batteries. I’m impressed with how quiet it and efficient it mows. My only problem is that the battery length is poor. If you have a large yard I recommend getting two sets of batteries to swap out so you can continue working with no breaks in between.

  2. I'm thinking about getting one of these. I have a tiny yard. I just got their GT Revolution trimmer and really like it. I'm kind of tired of my gas mower. Especially after harsh winter's. That's the worst when you just want to cut the grass but the mower won't start. The ease of electric for small areas is just a no brainer.

  3. If you have two batts that only read one light and a third extra fully charged one .. Can you switch out one of depleted and which side suggested to?

  4. Wasn't planning on paying as much for an electric mower as this one (you got free, but we'll pay around $300) but it looks like it might be worth it.

  5. Fighting with pulling the string (I blame the neurological condition) or pushing a button. I'll take the button. They really are great for independence.

  6. There was no need to leave it on turbo for your yard. The middle setting should be good for most things while eco mode is more if your cutting your yard for maintenance because you regularly keep it up.

  7. Electric lawn mowers have been around a long time. We knew a guy that had an electric tractor / lawnmower in 1974! Just did not catch on. It was before its time. Just a tip: Keep the blade sharp and balanced.

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