Robot Mower WORX Landroid M WG754E | Part 1 | Full installation setup tutorial and final perimeter check.

Many thanks WORX Landroid for sending me this product under test!



  1. Scusa un’ informazione. Io ho il tuo stesso modello, e aprendo lo sportellino e cliccando sulla freccia su o su quella giù mi fa regola una percentuale che non so co sia, mi puoi delucidare?

  2. Is there a way to cross the sidewalk and cut the grass on the other side of a sidewalk? I have had two of your lawn mowers in the past and really liked them however the batteries at that time were so expensive so I quit using them. The other problem I had was the cord for the boundaries got cut and I couldn't find where it was cut to fix it. Has that been fixed now? How long will the 20 volt battery cut now? Thank you

  3. This was very easy to set up works exactly as advertised and does a great job keeping my yard looking perfectly manicured.>>> My yard is about 4,000 square feet and flat. I have the mower (Cutter) set to mow once a day for about 95 minutes. I've used him for an entire season, stored him over the winter, in my basement brought him out this spring, pressed start in off he went. I am highly impressed.

  4. why did you set it up so i didnt mow the corners and a little section of the lawn?

  5. My review from amazon :

    SAME HAPPENS TO ME ! This product is completely USELESS , DO NOT EVER BUY ONE , i did not order from amazon but directly from one of their dealers, the peace of garbage shuts it self down in the charging base , and every single day i have to start it up manually to get it to run , its impossible to go away even 2 days or 1 day , let alone a week or weeks on vacation etc and hope this will cut your grass while you are away , it will only cut 2 times then goes back to station and completely shuts off , even after software update done to it , complete JUNK ! i requested half my money payed back to me to the company i bought it from and if they do not do that i will send this garbage back to them and get my money back and NEVER buy any worx products in my life again , this is a fraud , this product as said in the comments and reviews is not even in BETA stage , software does not work , it does not follow the scheduled program set up , and shuts it self down EVERY SINGLE DAY , 7 days a week, making the whole point of getting a robot mower USELESS , you guys been warned , im so pissed off after 2-3 weeks of trying to get it to work, there is NOTHING you can do , its like babysitting , i never been so upset by a so expensive product in my life , complete junk.

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