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I review the Robomow after one season of use. I set it up in Spring and it has done a great job. If you are looking for a robotic lawn mower, the Robomow has built in programs to mow on a schedule, anti theft, child safety and lift safety.



  1. I have a relatively flat lawn that nevertheless has a number of bumps and uneven bits in it because it is a bigger, more country like lawn🌼 After the set up, which went as smoothly as can be expected given how much I hate learning to work new tech toys, Robomow got to work and did a surprisingly quiet job of getting the mowing done. While it has gotten itself stuck a couple of times, lifting the mower out of a too low bed edge occasionally is a whole lot less labor-intensive than dealing with having the mow crew come twice a month and having to pay the resulting bill.

  2. I remember watching you set it up for the 1st time, glad it's working great.
    I own the Worx Landroid and that's working great for me it's my 3 season mowing with, I've had to do some adjusting of the Boundary wire but it working great.
    Have many years of great mowing with ur Robomow😍

  3. I am interested in buy one of these Robomow RS622 and I am wondering if it misses little sections of grass leaving parts of the lawn not mowed? I am thinking there are going to be patchy high spots all over the yard. Is that going to be the case? Or does it always get every inch of the lawn that is within its zone? Thanks.

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