The Husqvarna 310 is the ideal robotic lawnmower for the standard size British garden. And it doesn’t matter if your lawn is sloped or has a complicated layout. This machine can work on slopes of up to 40%!

Don’t have a perfect lawn? Not to worry, the 310 can work on rough ground too.

A variable cutting height, Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to navigate narrow passageways are just some of the features available on the Husqvarna 310 Automower.

At Autolawn, we specialise in the supply and installation of robotic lawnmowers. We supply all the leading brands and offer a free consultation so we can assess your garden and recommend the right mower for you.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries or would like to book your free consultation! We look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. I have a relatively flat lawn that nevertheless has a number of bumps and uneven bits in it because it is a bigger, more country like lawn🌼 After the set up, which went as smoothly as can be expected given how much I hate learning to work new tech toys, Husqvarna got to work and did a surprisingly quiet job of getting the mowing done. While it has gotten itself stuck a couple of times, lifting the mower out of a too low bed edge occasionally is a whole lot less labor-intensive than dealing with having the mow crew come twice a month and having to pay the resulting bill.

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