Lawnmaster L10 Robotic Lawnmower
How to set up the Lawnmaster L10 Robotic Lawnmower in your garden. A helpful guide and instructional video showing the steps needed to peg out the boundary wire and locate the charging station.

Warning – This guide is not intended to replace the product user manual
which contains important safety information.

1) Place the base station in a suitable location in the working area. The surface the base station is
located on should be shady, even and flat.

2) Start at the rear of the base station and run the boundary wire anti-clockwise around the lawn to
form a loop around the working area.
End the boundary wire at the front of the base station, leaving enough wire to go under the base station to the terminal at the rear.

3) Secure the boundary wire to the ground with supplied wire pegs.
Each peg should be placed around 50cm apart. Use the provided measurement gauge to ensure the proper distance.
Keep the boundary wire straight and tight. There should be no slack wire between the pegs.

LawnMaster by Cleva.


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