How to choose the right lawn more for your lawn. I take you through a sort of “lawn mower buying guide” giving you some of the features I recommend based around gaining maximum #EnjoyTheMow .
00:00 Let’s Go!
00:37 A Few Caveats (I like that word)
01:17 Size Matters Most
01:43 The Standard Is Set at 75 Minutes
02:18 Walk Behind Mowers at 21”
05:43 Deciding To Go Big Or Go Small
06:32 The 30 Inch Mower – TimeMaster
07:47 Zero Turn or Lawn Tractor
11:36 How To Mow Stripes In The Lawn

Tire Pressure Guage:
MoJack for Zero Turns and Tractors:
Small Mower Jack:

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Lawn Mower Buying Guide 2020
What Features To Look For In A Lawn Mower
Self Propelled Lawn Mower Tips
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  1. What are your thoughts on a Toro Recycler with 150cc for about 5000 sq ft lot? Bermuda grass. Is that too small and should I go for the 163cc? Thanks.

  2. Great video, very useful information. I brought my first house and I’m sitting on one square acre of land, the house is roughly 1600 sq feet so the lawns less than one acre. It’s very flat, there’s three trees toget around and that’s it. I’ve been looking at the Toro Time master and the Cub Cadet Enduro XT1 LT 42. I’ve been doing my research and that’s how I got it down to these two, but now I need a little help and make sure I get the right one. I appreciate the help, thanks in advance. PS I’m up north in NY

  3. If you’re on 3/4 acre or less, I highly recommend electric. I got the EGO mower last year and I can’t speak highly enough. The convenience is unmatched, the softer hum compared to a gas engine is crazy. Don’t think I’ll ever go back to gas. Even with a riding mower.

  4. As a trucker I come back into town every 11 days for time off. Just bought a home I want to mow my lawn myself. Can I get away with mowing the lawn every 11 days? Or will it probably get too tall? Or will I just need to plan on bagging my cut grass?

  5. Battery 🔋 it’s a joke:(
    I have GO and it’s junk:(
    I just got Ferris FW15

  6. So does the mower selection affect Compaction in a yard? A 30" mower weights about 220 pounds, a lawn tractor close to 600 pounds, and zero turn close to 1300 pounds

  7. This guy just goes to show how when you add love to any subject, it’s enjoyable and fulfilling. Did not expect to love this video!!💚

  8. Just bought a house on .4 acre which come out to 17,000 sq ft. I really want to push mow but it’s got a few hills. Looks like I’m going tractor

  9. I have a lawnboy from 1973. I haven’t had to get a new mower ever since it was built in 1973. Liked I so much I bought 8 more

  10. My Toro smartstow is about 5 years old. Only two complaints are its self propel is way too slow for me and Ive never dropped it lower than top two deck heights because it clogs.

  11. I mowed in FL for 7 years professionally and many more as a hobbyist, who TF thinks St Augustine doesn't stripe? It stripes sooooo good.

  12. amazing video. What dedication to your craft. I'd love to see a picture of your lawn…it must be IMMACULATE!

  13. Let me be the first to say I don't like doing yard work but this guy has made a video about something I don't like to do but now want to do it!😂

  14. That’s what I want to get FW-15
    I have
    EGO 21 inches
    I have the new ones 7.5 amp battery 🔋
    It never bugged or having issues not cut or stop the mower:) has plenty power 🙂 only I have couple problems 🙁
    1. The mower is too lite 🙁
    2. the mower is too small 🙁
    3. A problem with the batteries it freezes or won’t charge and won’t last that long with 7.5 A only 5000 ft.² yards you can cut:( if you have Beautiful grass if not you can mow 7,000sqf yard:)
    4. I have fescue grass I cut like 4.5 inches 🙂 and when I cut the grass front wheels Digs or pushing the grass in and on second day that grass raise up and you can see the stripes tall 🙁
    5. The mower it’s sow light one pass can float on top of the grass second pass can go down with the same settings you can see the difference 🙁
    6. The mower is so tiny I have 1600 square-foot yard it’s taking me 1.5 hour to finish with one pass if I’m doing double pass takes over two hours 🙁 and you have to do a double pass because of those stripes 🙁 because of the tiny wheels digs that grass in 🙁 and it doesn’t have an enough suction to suck the grass back out with the blades 🙁
    7. Not enough RPMs or not enough vacuum to lift the grass up from the ground. 🙁
    8. The bottoms for self propel the mower it’s too tiny and end of the cutting your yard you have hands Sort they’re too tiny and you have to squeeze your hands tight 🙁
    EGO Mower they need to fix dthese issues 🙁

  15. Listen to a man that loves what he do! Thanks for the insight video!

  16. Mowed the freedom factory lol must be Cletus's dad lol ☪️☮️💣🎇✨🍻🐨🌎🌍

  17. I’ve watched 2:05 min of your video… and you might be the best YouTubed on the planet. You get directly to the point and there’s no bull shit. I love it.

  18. A friend told me that if I'm buying a zero turn, I should most definitely get a commercial one because the decks on the residential ones are thin, flimsy, and don't hold up well at all. Is that true?

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