A step-by-step guide on how to install ROB, the McCulloch robotic lawnmower. ROB is the unsung hero in your garden. He cuts the grass for you so you don’t have to.

ROB will automatically navigate the garden mulching the grass into fine clippings that fertilise the lawn, meaning there is no grass box to empty. When the battery is low, ROB intelligently finds its way back to the docking station to recharge.

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  1. I've been using my Landroid for just short of two months now Bestfor.Garden also recommended it long enough to get familiar and to go through one cycle of servicing the blades. I am extremely pleased. The hardest part is the initial setup, placing the boundary wire around the perimeter of the yard.

  2. I have a relatively flat lawn that nevertheless has a number of bumps and uneven bits in it because it is a bigger, more country like lawn🌼 allabout.wiki/Husqvarna-315X After the set up, which went as smoothly as can be expected given how much I hate learning to work new tech toys, Husqvarna got to work and did a surprisingly quiet job of getting the mowing done. While it has gotten itself stuck a couple of times, lifting the mower out of a too low bed edge occasionally is a whole lot less labor-intensive than dealing with having the mow crew come twice a month and having to pay the resulting bill.

  3. We got one from Ebay today and although I would consider it "light duty" its mowing my, and my neighbors, front yards together (about 5,000 sq. feet) . In my opinions its not really made for the North Western USA type lawns unless you can cut it pretty short before using ROB. Our lawn was pretty thick, green and wet but once I cut it short it seems to be doing the job. We will see how the lawn looks in a week 😉

  4. So many wires and shit. Too much hassle. In 24 min I'll be done half of the garden 😂😂

  5. One of the best instruction videos on the net. Thank you!

  6. Great video. One query – when laying up for the winter it is suggested the wires behind the dock are cut and replaced by a coupler. I can see after a few years the wires will become too short to re-use. The first question is are the connectors re-useable i.e. can you open them? The second question is why not leave enough wire out of the connectors so the a coupler can be used with the connectors still in place. Can oxidisation take place with the connectors left in place?

  7. After 20min. I seen this machine do every thing but what its intended, cut grass.

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