1. Edit: confirmed by ford, the integrated board was fried – it has been replaced and they paid for it.
    Now before the comments roll in, let me say that I normally wouldn’t touch a warranty capable truck. BUT since the vet box company already wired stuff to the truck, and it had already been touched, I saw no harm in doing the same.
    Plus we needed it NOW, can’t wait for a dealership, we will take it in, but she couldn’t go without it due to her job.
    edit: its not our truck, the truck is owned by the vet business she works for. they gave me the green light to make it work however I could as fast as I could (busy weekend for her – luckily I work M-F, so I was around). you all know that I'm alergic to new things – prime example why right here.

  2. Get her a good 75 ford 3/4 ton pickup and you can fix things easily and not have so much crap to crash.

  3. I hate working on new vehicles but I was actually surprised your method worked on something this new. I didn’t think it would work because I figured there’s be some sort of security thing wanting to kill power because the engine wasn’t started with the key in the start position. I could rant forever on why I dislike these new, over-engineered pieces of plastic and aluminum.

  4. I was watching a spencer lawn care video and they had a similar problem with it not shutting off and the dealer said it was common and the fuse box needed to be replaced. Check it out and that might just solve your problems. Thanks for the video!

  5. Thank you Uncle Luke for another most excellent episode! Another dealership woe that I recently experienced (and an example of why most dealerships should NOT be trusted)…. I took my truck to a dealership for a scheduled maintenance service to keep it under warranty. They told me that my rear brake shoes were worn down to 3/32" thick and needed immediate replacement! Given the mileage I knew that this was impossible. I then had a reputable mom and pop service shop look at them. They told me that the shoes were less than 1/2 worn but needed adjustment. Greed…. the root of evil.

  6. thats something I would do 🤣 and with house wire no less. I hate new stuff, It's too confusing and almost impossible to work on. I had a pair of pliers in my truck all winter because the starter solenoid on the starter kept freezing and wouldnt crank it, so Id just jump out and jump the posts with pliers 😅 its body lifted so theres a nice gap you can see the starter through

  7. Interior Sill plate is known to hold water and corrodes the harness wires. also prob a 6.2 engine

  8. Great video, first off, that looks like a 6.2l, they don't use the 5.0 in the super duty. And yes it is probably that fuse box, I have replaced several for different reasons, one was a no start such as this. To replace that fuse box you have to remove the entire front end of the vehicle including the lights, bumper, and grill. It is a very long and kind of painful process. Instead of doing what we have for the last like 50 years, Fords brilliant engineers decided we don't need connectors at the fuse box, so they just made the entire harnesses part of the fuse box. So the only way to replace the fuse box, is to replace several harnesses too. And if I remember correctly, the fuse box assembly is like $1500. What a great time to be a Ford tech, haha. I love the old stuff, but it is easy to make money on the new stuff.

  9. Good work around. My 2019 Chevy Silverado has one intermittent thing that causes it to sometimes stall when shifting from reverse to forward. It happens when the truck is on a incline like my driveway or a parking spot with one. Dealer says it has to do it when they check inorder to find it because it doesn't set a code and there is no TSB for it. Of course it never does it when at the dealer. I figure it has to be something between the gear shift and engine. But there are probably several systems interconnected with that. A GM engineer might have some ideas but I don't know any so I live with it. Modern vehicles!!!

  10. Ford has some nice options for auxilary power output which I've seen Wes form Watch Wes Work dealing with before
    IMO those kind of wiring should avoid altering stock wiring/fusebox etc. as much as they can
    Also if my memory serves me right, Ford designed the 2022 trucks that if the tumbler weren't turned to the start position at least once, the coils and injectors won't fire, which is really stupid
    Nice vid, glad things worked out for you

  11. Glad to hear that Ford fixed it under warranty. They could have easily blamed it on the company that installed the Vet Box.

  12. like the 1930 somethings new stuff buy cheap run it in ground after just replace with old stuff

  13. As a plumber I can totally relate to the working out of someone else’s truck dilemma……..not a good scenario

  14. This is why I don’t trust any newer fords…..only fords I like are old carbed ones………at least you are sharp enough to get it going for her

  15. There's couple hundred thousand or more 21 F250s runnin around w/zero issues. Seems you or whomever did the hack job goin into that big secure fuse box caused the electrical issues not Ford engineering. The vet box is with out any shadow of a doubt your culprit. There's more registered Ford trucks on rd than any other by far. Hmm.

  16. My boss bought the same truck in 2021 and let me tell you it has had nothing but problems since day one.

  17. Happy to see its usable so your wife can have her tools for work. I am a carb guy for the most part so you know what I know and more. Glad it did get a permanent fix.

  18. A new stand alone Relay is your best bet. Find your start wire from your ignition and you are golden!

  19. I would not buy a 2020-2022+ anything newly built during the pandemic. No thanks. Too many issues from poorly trained new and missing labor. I worked in QA.

  20. Ford, hey how should we deal with the fact that we can't figure out how to make headlights that are both bright enough and aimed where you need them? Random Ford engineer just make all the headlights run all the time. 🤦

  21. I guess I am getting old…but it seems the big threes trucks are made cheaper and less serviceable by us skilled shade tree mechanics..built to fail with many integrated parts…I watch you cause my affection for the ford small block….1984 Datsun 200sx ford 302 GT40 T5 swap…..actually easy to work on very reliable

  22. If the truck has upfitter switches ford supplies a independent fuse box with its own harness and relays over by the master cylinder all aftermarket and accessory wiring should be connected to that. Unfortunately the people that did that vet box wiring seem to be related to the butchers that install snowplows. The ford fuseboxs do not like tap ins they melt with slightly excessive heat caused by lack luster connections and direct battery tie ins cause voltage draws that drain the batteries when sitting. Good luck

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