1. @benpie12
    I have 1 and if its raining it will detect it and automatic returns to his station
    And it has a"pretty good" build in alarm system if you til it whitout knowing the correct code

  2. whf is wrong with you guys hedgehodges are fucking sweet and how the fuck are you supposed if its done with out the ding if your blind and couldnt the ding be sonar?!?!?!?!?!?

  3. Yeah, they are 10 times more expensive than making one yourself. This one features the ability to miss parts of your lawn, along with a "please steal me" sticker. I especially love the "environmentally friendly" ability, as though the lawn itself wasn't part of that environment as it gets cut into shreds.

  4. Takes me 10 minutes to do the lawn the old fashioned way. I would go really fat and lazy if robots did every little chore in the house.

  5. i think the only way that i would use one of those is if i had a building using a "green roof". although, it would mess up your day if you had a mower fall on you, with the blades spinning, from a few stories up.

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