In this video, the new and improved autonomous operation is demonstrated.

There are a few thoughts I forgot to mention:

Once the senior design team that will be picking up the project decides to publicly post information regarding their efforts, I’ll be sure to share the news on my blog.

Much thanks goes to David Bui with his help with the chassis. I totally neglected to tell him the chassis shouldn’t be made out of magnetic material, due to the fact compasses malfunction when too close. David once again helped by creating a stand to lift the electronics high enough above the iron chassis to avoid the issue.

For future videos, I am planning add background music to fill the void. In this video, the song Airwaves by Noisestorm is played.


David Bui’s Channel

Noisestorm’s Channel

Powell’s Showcase (blog and project website):

Try the Autonomous Lawnmower Software (i.e. AlpGui) yourself (requires Windows OS and Java)! Once the video camera is started, drag and highlight the desired, colored object to track.



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  1. Nice work!  Thanks for sharing.  We built a similar project.  However, we installed an Android device onto a RC car and used its camera to track the object autonomously. Here is the preliminary result:

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