What is a reel mower and what is a rotary mower and how do they different in the lawn? Today l’ll show you the pros and cons to reel mowers aka cylinder mowers vs rotary lawn mowers and what situation you may want to use one over the other. I’ll discuss cut quality with examples from both mowers as well as the process of how to transition your lawn to mowing low with a reel mower if you decide to go that route.

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  1. This mower……. changed my life Bestfor.Garden also recommend I never thought I would see the day when I would ever make the switch to electric yard tools. But this was one of my best decisions yet. My old 15+ year old gas mower snapped its pull string while trying to get it to fire up and instead of fixing it, I chose to upgrade instead.

  2. The common problem with reel mower is: it would not cut clean. You will see a few un-cut grasses sticking out like a sour thumb behind the track. Whereas a rotary blade will cut a specific point on the lawn many times resulting in uniform cut. The scissor cutting action of reel mowers is over-emphasized, any mower (even a manual scythe) with sharp blade will shear grass cleanly. A reel mower will cut much better with less resistance if you sharpen the blades well with fine file and move that bottom fixed blade away from the reel blades (that is, non-contact). The reel will rotate at higher speed and cut grass with speed instead of scissor cutting action.

  3. I am new to grass. I just seeded tall fescue, now is time to mow, but I can't find a mower that list height cut over 3'', and the recommended height for tall fescue is 3.5''. Do you know of a mower that can be set to 3.5?

  4. I have just started to get interested in having a great looking lawn mind you I am 51, at your age it was really low on the priority list.
    But videos like yours contain invaluable knowledge and experience.
    Your lawn looks great.

  5. Which reel mower do you recommend for zeon zoysia ? I want to cut lower but unable with rotary mower.

  6. A very well-done informational video. A beautiful lawn that obviously is perfectly maintained. It`s a real art to manage a healthy lawn like this one. Much appreciated from up here in Canada!
    Thanks for this video.

  7. I’ve been watching your videos and in the past 4 months my yard has become beautiful! I’ve been applying your ideas to my back yard and it’s stunning, I’ve left the front mainly alone since I didn’t want to destroy it and get an HOA fine lol

  8. I can not understand the instructions for sharpening the blades so I have to keep buying a new reel mower.

  9. Love your lawn man but screw cutting my lawn every day. I get if it's what you do for a living but I'm not going to work 10 hrs then come home and cut for another 3 lol. Once or twice a week is good for me lol

  10. Reel mowers are the way to go. Golf courses use them vs polluting and noisy gas for the greens.

  11. Never have understood Americans and their passion for their huge , open, green, perfect grass lawns with no weeds and such. I prefer a planted up garden with a variety Old school .

  12. Hi Ryan, do you have experience with Agrostis cut at a max. height of 1 cm, (ie fairways height)? How to avoid scalping?

  13. Any suggestions on how to keep grass clippings out of mulch and gravel when using a push reel mower? I am unable to use a gas mower so my only option is reel. Thanks.

  14. Very informative Ryan. I last used a reel mower many decades ago, and as nostalgic as it could be for me, I'm probably not going back there……. Thanks and Blessings Ryan!

  15. Have you done any more testing on waiting longer to mow your lawn?

    I was worried if I left for a 3 day or a week vacation a couple times a year…

  16. Oh that grass is gorgeous. I have red clay in my yard. I’ve brought in a literal ton of top soil trying to heal the ground. We aerated it before and after the soil was brought in as well and in a few months the soil washed away. We got grass to grow but the landscaper mowed too low and it died. Now we have a yard full of weeds and it looks awful. I think it’ll be a while before we can heal the earth that was scraped away to build the houses in my neighborhood. I’m just hoping the real mower can tackle the weeds a bit.

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