In this video we start with a bare lower chasis and piece together a Husqvarna 450X Automower. All the boards, motors, wheels, and wiring is removed and we start pretty much from scratch and give you an idea of what it takes to put this 450X back together. With the exception of the 2nd battery and the circuit board for the ultra sonic sensors, this is the same as assembling a 430X Automower. Our main reason for this video was just to show everyone that it is much simpler inside than what most people imagine. These machines are VERY well designed and easy to assemble as you can see.
If you’re looking for more info on automowers, here are some good resources for sales, parts, and installation:

EM Herr Farm & Home Center (1-717-464-3321)

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  1. Just dismantled three Robomow RL850 circa 2007, noting some differences. Batteries were in a pack accessible by user (to those thinking of adding batteries, probably yes, look up waterproofing rc lipo battery packs with PlastiDip, wiring more than one pack in parallel, and how to charge externally, you will need to do some rewiring). Circuit boards were held in place with plastic guide pins and clips, or rubber guides, no screws. Cover held to bottom with plastic clips and rubber retainers, no screws. Blades clipped in, no screws. Drive wheels held in with e-clips, no nut or torque. No exposed wires. Thanks for confirmation that the basic difference between these models is number of batteries. Right to repair!

  2. Hey, how are you doing? I have some questions about the motor of the Automower itself. I'm doing an university project and can't find especifications of those kind of wheel motors. Do you know exactly what's the Torque (in N.m) of it and up to what RPM they can go? The voltage is 18 V, right? Do they have an specific gear ratio from the motor to the wheels or is it a direct drive?
    I've trying to simulate those machines like EV's on MATLAB, but I've been having difficulties with finding these kind of information. I would appreciate very much if you can help me with that.

  3. Hi. Thanks for your informative videos. I just bought a Husqvarna 315X and immediately regret not buying the 430X (yes I saw your comparison between 315X VS 430X) Now I am stuck with the 315X with low/poor performance! Do you know if I can install a bigger battery in the 315X from the 430X? It's 2.6Ah vs 5.2Ah… Please help me out… 😊

  4. Do you own an Ace hardware and do all the Aitomower stuff threw Ace or on the side. Feel free to delete this comment if it is to much personal information. Just thinking about business ideas and that looks pretty awesome together.

  5. Hi, this was really useful. Do you know where I can obtain a service manual for 430x so I can do my own servicing.

  6. HI
    I have husqvarna automower 320.My battery is stay old. i took it from mower. here 18650 1600mah vtc3 cells. i bought cells 18650 vtc6 3000mah and did same 5p2s. old bat has bms board (bq77908A). i re soldered and output of bms 7 volts. i am thinking bms is not working with new cells. how to restart/startup this bms with new cells? my be your know something ? thank you

  7. As per Fenten2000: I would also like to know if greater capacity can be gained by adding additional batteries to the 430. Either inside the Chassis, or even externally mounted in a weather proof enclosure on top of the mower. It looks like these are simply 18650's grouped together, it would be incredibly easy to add to it, or simply replace the lot with an external enclosure. – My main reason is to get additional run-time during the day. It wouldn't bother me with the additional charge time.

    Would you be able to advise? Thankyou, – Peter

  8. Hello from Spain, great video, I learned a lot from the automower,
    I have a question, you said that you cannot add a second battery to a 430x because you can not connected to the motherboard, but could you connect 2 batteries together (or a bigger battery (same power, more capacity) and then having only one connection to the motherboard?.
    Sincerely, Feten

  9. my Warranty is almost out So I Am Looking for a Mod to Raise my mower about 1/2 St. Augustine grass does not like being cut so short in the summer. any Ideas ? ?

  10. Nicely done. Now I've found a good 450x repair place within an hour drive from me. I've bookmarked your store for future reference.

  11. That was great, thanks for doing this video. Can you share why you had to change the lower chassis?

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