We get the first look at the brand new Milwaukee M18 Fuel Brushless Lawn mower,
Model number 2776-20.
Available for pre-order, for a whopping price of $899.
Quick specs:
22 inch all steel deck
21 inch cut capacity
3/4 acre runtime
2800 rpm blade speed
IPX rated
5 cut height quick adjust lever
Run on the M18 platform

Comes with 2x 12.0 batteries, rapid charger, bag, mower, and manuals.

This video is set to be posted on April 1 2021 for APRIL FOOLS!

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Happy April Fools day!!!



  1. Can this be used in the rain? Milwaukee's website shows that it can mow wet grass, so I'm thinking yes, but I'm not sure. I am a professional landscaper and this sounds worth adding to my collection of equipment.

  2. Funny that I remember you did an April fool's video last year of the pretend Milwaukee new mower.
    I think it was a DeWalt with Milwaukee emblems.

  3. So I'm sure you've seen the official one by now, but you were pretty on point with the mower you picked lol

  4. Milwaukee sucks first mower should of had side discharge and self propelled . Itโ€™s still pricey .

  5. TOO LATE MILWAUKEE!… MY "Old Grey plug-in"+28VOLT+18VOLT+12VOLT 20+ YEAR LOYALTY…. Well, ..After a dozen emails and four "Contact us here"'s, AND not even as much as a "Hey, Blow us!"
    Let's just say; "Now, and for the past 20+months, my collection has a "sore-spot" approximately this color—->RGB(0, 140, 149)."… "WHY?", Some-ONE with the analytical-skills of a Dewalt-Owner might be asking… Well, I'm not a "Doctor" for a couple reasons! One of which is "I have a low Retaroleol-tolerance and even lower G.A.S.-threshold for "patience"!..

    HEY @4thewin, Thanks Man for the video!…

  6. Reading the specs instead of prepping and memorizing. Stop smacking your hands. The first thing that people should know is the insane price.

  7. Does the DeWalt mower use the same batteries. Are the Milwaulkee M18 fuel batteries work with the DeWalt batteries and mower??

  8. I'm looking for battery adapters so that I can use my M18 batteries in other brand products….

  9. Why the hell did dewalt use a belt drive. That is absurd. Another reason why I do not buy dewalt as they are inferior products for the most part. A belt is just extra cost and a point of failure. The motor can be directly on top the blade on any mower like this and not need such a thing. UHG.

  10. Comparing the price of this to a gas mower is nonsensical. The cost of ownership from gas and maintenance as well as shorter life of a gas mower makes this more affordable than a gas mower at half the price especially more and more the more you use it.

  11. Slightly underwhelmed. Favorite part was that it takes 2 batteries like DeWalt did it, but I would expect it to look a BIT nicer and have a few more features.

  12. ugh… way to disappoint me. Was excited to think there was a milwaukee mower…

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