This video will show you how to control SmartDriveDuo-30 MDDS30 using Arduino Uno (or compatible) with PWM Independent Mode.

SmartDriveDuo-30 MDDS30:
Maker Uno (Arduino Uno Compatible):
Base Shield V2:
Various types of DC Motor:




  1. I enjoyed the video. I want to make it too, but I'm worried about the battery. To do a 25V 250W motor, use the CYTRON MDDS30 motor drive. Please give me some advice.

  2. Очень подробное и наглядное пособие. Спасибо!

  3. Can this handle wheelchair motors each under 20 Amp and why do you even need Arduino when you have the RC connection for transmitter?

  4. what is the board of sockets you are using? , i didn't receive any such tool with the driver. Is it supposed to work without that as well, or it is explicitly required. Please check my channel as well and look for the setup i am using.

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