If you are looking at a robotic lawn mower solution, have a large garden, and are thinking of buying Husqvarna or Ambrogio – you might want to watch this video. We compare the Husqvarna Automower 310, Automower 315 & Automower 315X against the Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe, Twenty Elite& Twenty Elite S+; looking at key robot mower elements like batteries, drive motors, electronics, user interfaces and overall build quality. Comparing side by side so you can see the differences for these top selling models.

Explore The Different Parts Of Each Model
0:00 Intro
2:56 Robot Size
4:18 User Interface / Displays
5:56 Blades
10:34 Wheels, Traction & Drive
17:46 Bumpers & Sensors
22:51 Inside The Robots
28:31 Batteries
31:38 Motors
38:20 PCBs / Circuit Boards / Motherboard
44:44 Base Stations / Charging Docks
48:30 Conclusion

For more information about robot mowers visit our website https://www.mowermagic.co.uk/acatalog/Future-Today-Robomow.html

Ambrogio Twenty Deluxe

Twenty Deluxe

Ambrogio Twenty Elite

Twenty Elite

Ambrogio Twenty Elite S+

Twenty Elite S+

Husqvarna Automower 310

Husqvarna Automower 315

Husqvarna Automower 315X

Comments from previous video (Before 22/3/21):
We had a slight technical issue on the picture in the middle of the original video so have fixed and re-uploaded. These are the comments on the first version before we had a chance to remove it.

Martin Wolf • 15 hours ago
Really awesome! I am very impressed about all your effort. Thank you so much for this valuable insight.

Peter Mahringer • 2 days ago
Great video. Really helpful. Please compare the quad with the 435X in the next video.

RJW 831 • 2 days ago
Looks like the Husqvarna was designed by bean counters and the Ambrogio was designed by engineers.

RJW 831 • 2 days ago
GREAT review. Thanks. I was going to but the Husqvarna but your review clearly indicates that the Ambrogio is much, much, better in terms of engineering and manufacturing quality. What an eye-opener!

Simon Knight • 2 days ago
Great video John, very informative, thank you for making it.

Jerry Fife • 2 days ago
Great job ! Thanks for the awesome comparisons, extremely helpful in understanding the differences in the robots. Thanks for sharing!



  1. Thank you very much for this very comprehensive and detailed comparison between these two models / brands. It really helps in understanding some major differences between models, that you definitely don't capture when ready the technical data sheets or user manuals. It looks like my technical background always requests in depth analysis when making choices, your explanation and video completely satisfies my curiosity and technical expectations. Very good job!! Cheers from south of France.

  2. Guide wires are great. Otherwise the robot must follow the perimeter wire all around the area (which can be several hundreds of meters) until it reaches the charging station.

  3. Hello, I am in market for robot. In my country they mostly sell Ambrogio L35 DELUXE. Do you have a detailed review on that robot as well? Is it newer version than TWENTY 25 ELITE?

  4. We’re all entitled to our opinions…. personally I don’t like your reviews as you try to suggest you’re making fair comparisons, but you are clearly very very biased!
    I don’t personally own a Husqvarna Automower, but have looked after one for a local business for over six months, handling it on a daily basis (used in an area open to the public so needs to be taken in every evening), and like most Swedish products I’ve come in to contact with over the years, it is designed perfectly to do the job and does the job perfectly, not over engineered and certainly not under engineered, just perfect!
    A problem with the wheels on paths etc? None what so ever! Pathetic suggesting they may slip on paths.
    The blades on the Husqvarna are perfect, admittedly the Husq endurance blades are better than the standard ones, think Husq suggest they be replaced every 6 to 8 weeks? But when I started looking after the machine the blades hadn’t been replaced for a year, the blades admittedly weren’t in great condition, but the glass looked perfect!
    I could literally go through almost every point and comparison you’ve made and demonstrate that I prefer the Husqvarna design, oh, and yes, I forgot to mention and know you’re not going to like me saying it, but having spent 15 years of my career as a precision Engineer and toolmaker and a further 20 years in electro-mechanical Engineering services and technical support, I consider myself a very good judge of what’s a good product and what could benefit from some design / manufacture improvement.

  5. WOW that was the most detailed electronics video I have ever seen! Great job Sir, it really seems the Ambrogio is a far superior mower to the Husky.

  6. Both are really very expensive to buy considering most of them are made from moulded plastic. At best id say both should retail for not more than £250

  7. Yes there is bias to Ambrogio. But have you watched the “comparison” video made by Husqvarna? Where it drubbed 5 competitors? No bias there, right?

  8. Though you seem partial to the smaller unit, you presentation of the feature fu cations is impressive. Visually, the Husqvarna is not signifantly larger than the smaller unit, but I like what I see so far of the Ambrosia. Will take a closer look at the Ambrosia….based on your pitch. Good job! My lawn

  9. I’m convinced but sadly they don’t have a reseller in New Zealand

  10. My 435 AWD has been in repair shop for 3 months now. I am paying monthly payments on my automower on top of monthly payments to a local lawn service. The company is completely unresponsive and unsympathetic to my situation. How long is too long for a repair? This was a known factory defect. European customers were compensated with cash payments. If this were a new car purchase the dealer would provide a loaner. I don’t understand how husqvarna can stand by these business practices.


  11. You can talk all day long about specs , but we want to see them do the actual work they claim to do!
    95% + of the time on paper looks good , but in practice doesn’t !

  12. I found this video to be very informative. Thank you for taking the time to create it. 👍👍

  13. Honda Miimo HRM520 win 🙂 faster 125m^2/1h, better knife (quality than Husqvarna) and realistic (real) mowing surface specifications!

  14. This is soooo helpful. I'm watching all your videos and now trying to work out which of the Ambrogios will be the best for my acre and a half here in France … !

  15. Honestly, say "facts" all you need but all I heard the whole time was "I dislike Husqvarna" 🤣

  16. Great tech:/spec: review not "nerdi" at all especially if your interested in product purchase, my takeaway from this is a classic case of one – built down to a price, the other built up to a standard, from an engineering perspective you can certainly tell when the accountants call the shots.
    Cheers Glenn.

  17. Hi Thanks for this video. It made it very easy for me to chose but now that I have the Ambrogio I have noticed that one of the rear wheels has a much larger free rotation than the other one before the engine engages. I guess in the motors there are reduction gears and I worry that something is wrong there. What do you think, should I worry. The mower is two months old

  18. This is an awesome video, thank you very much for this detailed review, really enjoyed it! Could you please explain then what is the difference between Automower 310 and Automower 315 if they have so many identical details? Thank you

  19. Outstanding video and dialog. I would watch a video comparison of any two types of products or any analysis if any product by this person and reccomend anyone else to as well. The only information that I would prefer to be included would be the differences in availability between American and European markets if there are any but that is certainly not necessary to improve the overall grade of demonstration as it is already the best I have ever observed. Bravo.

  20. Thanks, yet again an excellent comparison video, very comprehensive. Without doubt they outcompete popular brands but why is the Ambogio range hardly ever included in the multiple ‘ Best Automower s 2021’?
    After extensive research surprised to find little positive feedback from users and dealers. These look like good sturdy well endowed machines and the fact that John Lewis are happy to market them, says a lot. Are the Elites a new generation waiting to be assessed properly. Baffled??

  21. Too many irrelevant details which hardly make any real difference in real use in my opinion. The real use test would interest me more

  22. Thanks for your comparison of those both mowers! Nice! It helps me to choose the "right" one 😉

  23. Hey. I need one of these Ambrogio's mowers for my antenna field. I have an issue in that I DON'T want a boundary wire because my radio reception will probably ge ruined. Instead, I have an enclosed / stock fencing field and want the device to hit the edge and move on. Just search YouTube for "DX Commander Ground Radials for Vertical Antennas" and you'll see it (skip to half-way through). Anyway, I will email you guys! Look out for my email. Cheers, Callum.

  24. Bias review….clearly you guys dont have the husqvarna agency and are a bit sore about it. I have never had an issue with HV over 5 years. why wasnt there one negative about the Ambrogio? 1st thing I see is multiple stops as front wheels will hit small objects and trigger change of direction. Dont be fooled folks, go with the company with experience, Husqvarna all the way!!!

  25. Please don´t use unit "mil" when talking about distances, diameters etc. "millimeter" is much better.
    "mil" is an angle unit used by military.

    Anyways, your videos are great.

  26. Very interesting review. However I have one question. How is the design of cuttingprograms on the machines.

  27. They are only selling Ambrogio!!! Could you please tell this in the beginning !!!

  28. Thanks for sharing. Top review. I'm waiting for my little ambrogio twenty deluxe. Your Video confirms my purchase decision. Kind regards from Germany

  29. There are some things, which are simply wrong in this video.

    First, when removing ribbon cable from motherboard, battery connection should be disconnected first to avoid current spikes.

    Secondly, Automower 310 has six hour software limitation so that user cannot use this mower 24/7 (like Jonathan presented), rather 18/7, which is maximum.

    Most importantly, Jonathan did not really compare mowers on how they search charging station. Usually Automower uses guide wire to find charging station, but since Husqvarna has patented it, Ambrogio cannot use this technology, therefore charging station search times are longer (sometimes more than ten times longer, which depends on garden complexity), hence the bigger battery to extend mowing time and decrease need to find the charging station so frequently.

    You are right about self-tapping screws. I have seen inexperienced users overtightening these and destroying plastic threads. The problem is so big that Husqvarna has come out thread repair kit (product code: 581165701). So yes, brass inserts are much more sustainable.

    I agree, e-clip design is much better than push-on washer. I have seen many problems over the years with the latter one.

    The biggest problem with Automower is inside its front wheels. The design is so poor, that moisture tends to intrude and destroy bearings and finally the whole wheel assembly, when problem is not addressed fast enough.

  30. Guess which mowers the company making this "review" sell?

    Ambrogio, of course. So don't expect a fair comparison.

  31. If the robot runs over something that's 25mm thick, i think the husqvarna design is good since the blade will lift also and not hit the object?

  32. I don't want to have kids with curious toes playing in garden that is maintained by Ambrogio – gap between shell and blade seems to quite small. And yes I'm happy Automower customer

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