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#1.DIY Powered Disc Sander
#2.Homemade Grass cutter
#3.Making A Drill Press Stand use OLD WASHING MACHINE MOTOR
#4.Homemade LATHE FOR WOOD
#5.Homemade Portable Air Compressor
#6 Bonus Video (How to Connect Capacitor to Washing Machine Motor with 6 wires)

by Mr.DK DIY
Welcome to Mr. DK DIY channel
My channel include of guiding videos:
-How to make
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All of my DIY videos I have done for experiment and my challenge, if you make these videos at home and something happens to you I will not be responsible for anything !!!

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  1. Good videos the mower one is a bit iffy lol but the others definitely have promise. And don't get me wrong sweet fucking job building a mower just needs a lot more work. Could make a good ditch or steep hill mower out of it tho

  2. The lawnmower is all good until you hit wet grass and get electrocuted.

  3. You can glue velcro and use standard sandpapers…plus you can easily change them when they wore off.

  4. what type of duty cycle are washing machine motors? s1? or what? can it be running for hours without getting damage or be overheated? for example a 500 watts electromotor 2800 rpm

  5. I'd like to give my thanks to all you guys for supporting this Youtube channel.

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