Laying the wire is an essential part of the installation of a GARDENA SILENO city and GARDENA SILENO life. Find out the difference between the boundary wire and guide wire ☝️. Learn about the perfect distance of the wire from obstacles in your garden. Get useful tips when laying down the wire and see, how easy it is to install the robotic lawnmower 😊.

#DoWhatYouLove while the GARDENA SILENO robotic lawnmowers take care of your lawn 😍.

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  1. How do you need to place the guide wire if you have a square perk?

  2. Help, my charging station is flashing yellow, I’ve had it looked at by professionals they told me they fixed it but it still flashes yellow instead of being green, my smart sileno life doesn’t return back to the station. I’ve been trying to do it for months help pls

  3. I want one that I can control with remote control like a R.C and skip all this bull wire crap.

  4. I could have got one of these for free for review, but decided not to because it looks like such a faff with all the wires and rules about how to use it. Much easier just doing it manually :

  5. The worst and the most useless purchase I have ever made. It creates more troubles than I thought it would free me from. Not worth it, would strongly recommend not to buy it.

  6. There are 0.0% examples in the operators manual I received. It would also be helpful to explain in the beginning the idea of the guide wire. I come from a system without a guide wire. Yes, intelligent systems WITHOUT one. Can you imagine?

  7. Too much trouble… better to just do it manually every 2nd week.

  8. Was planning on buying this, but oh my word, that's far too much cable work.

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