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Is a battery lawn mower worth it? My channel is all about smart and sustainable technologies, but I never thought that I’d be wanting to talk about … a lawn mower. But here we are. I’ve been using an electric Ego lawn mower for the past 5 years, but just upgraded to the newest (2020) Ego Power+ 21″ self-propelled model. How is it? And why should you consider going electric over gas?

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  1. Thank you for this honest review. I've been think about a ego lawn mower for over a year now. We own ego leaf blower and a weedeater. Each came with a charger and battery so I can interchange battery should the need arise. Also liked your ego snowblower review. Will watch again to catch model number. 👍

  2. 3:07 Why the key is removeable? I can only guess, but being a father of young active kids, I have an idea of what the reason could be. Not saying it is the best solution, but I guess it removes the risk and the worry from the parents. ☺️

  3. I’m using a Bosch batery driven mower here outside Oslo, and truly love it! I did have an electric before too, but with a cable (and yes, I did cut it once). The battery is about the size of a brick, and lasts my whole lawn, 100 m2

  4. Way too expensive. My Ryobi 40 volt electric mower has worked perfect for 5 years.

  5. Hey Matt. I too have a M3. My thinking, as it relates to EGO batteries is to try, as best I can, to follow the recharge advice fo Teslas, that being do not charge to 100% if yo do, start discharging immediately. It is best for battery life to never change more than 80%, as a general rule. Have you found that helpful, either with Tesla or EGO? I just finished your snowblower review. I've found every year manhandling the snowblower (Honda as I recall) is increasingly difficult and I'd prefer yo not have an MI.

  6. My lawn mower has something wrong with it. It's difficult even for strong people to start. A button start is the best feature besides the environmental friendliness of it. Do you have to install a specific outlet like you do with a car to fit the included charger? My lawn is too small to make extra batteries necessary.

  7. I own a 3.5 year old EGO mower with 7.5 amp w quick charger mower. I take very good care of it. The batteries currently cost with tax locally about $375.oo ! That for me is way way more than the cost of gas or maintenance for my Honda HRX317 older mower w no issues of any kind and for the same period of time…. and the Honda will likely continue to be low maintenance for many years to come. The EGO will always have battery fees of $375 or more every 3 or so years! So for me, its a no brainer now that I have experienced both mowers for a good while. I am no longer willing to essentially buy a brand new self propelled mower every 3 years. Thats my opinion based on real use of both a good gas mower and a good electric mower for a 1/3 acre yard.

  8. Thanks for the review. I'm getting to the point where I don't want to be bothered with the hassle of gasoline powered mowers anymore. I just had a Toro that was only 4 years old and one year out of warranty that refuses to start. It's in a local repair shop and I'm expecting a major bill. I could have used that money as a down payment on one of these electric mowers. I like the idea of having a backup battery that is fully charged so you don't have to worry about running out of power before the job is done. I will be checking my local home renovation stores to see if any one carries these EGO mowers.

  9. I went electric mower used it twice and had to return it bc it just stopped working. It wasn't my fav to use either but I would have kept it had it not broke, I think it was a wiring issue maybe something disconnected idk. I thought it was too light and it didn't do a great job on the lawn, it was okay but I liked the no gas no oil enough I was willing to put up with it. I kept my old mower thankfully.

  10. I fired my lawn maitentence guy and the bought an EGO about 4 years ago. Already paid for itself and I also got a nice $250 rebate for switching to an Electric mower from the City.

    Only hard part was finding a used mower on craigslist for $40 so I can claim the rebate. lmfao

  11. Nice review! You mentioned that you are able to use all your batteries from all your EGO products interchangeably. But isn’t each battery type a slightly different size? Can you fit the 10 aH battery into this mower that uses the 7 aH battery? I imagine no problem using the smaller batteries.

  12. Battery life. You go from percentage/area comparison then switch to usage/time. Your lawn take only 40% battery, so we would need the time it takes to cut your lawn to get anything out of that.

  13. I would like to go electric, they get on the battery, too expensive!!! Gas is still much cheaper than electric. The more technically advances, the more humans get lazier. If changing the filter or spark plug is reason to go electric, that’s not a good reason. Change your own filters and spark plugs, don’t be lazy. My gas mower makes noise but not enough that I have to use ear protection. Where does all the old batteries go? LANDFILL

  14. I'm thinking about building a mower that runs from burning old tires. Old tires are free- essentially free energy that when burned would heat a boiler enough to power a small steam engine to run a mower.

  15. I loved mine until as soon as the 1 year was up it decided to quit. The self propel and lights work but the mower engine won't work. It's probably a bad contact or switch ( my guess is the handle clip contacts since I fold the mower up weekly) that will be easy to repair but still causes anguish.

  16. Love my mower… more smell. I like the engineered designs with E-Go's compatible components. So that you can buy over time and build on your product needs. My my 56 volt battery works with my pole implements. Such as the hedge trimmer, pole trimming chain saw and garden tiller. I will be adding the 2 stage snow blower as well. Being I'm moving towards a Tesla powered home, my arsenal of E-Go tools will continue to grow… The products are quiet and with the snap of a battery on to the tools away you go….it's that quick and simple….

  17. Are gasolin powered mowers really a thing?
    When I was a kid, my father used to mow the grass using an electric Grassmower as well. Of course, this one didn't have a battery to power it, it needed to be connected via cable to the grid, but it was fully electrical.
    I always thought that was the norm….

  18. While impressive, Ego, like most other cordless mowers, has yet to design their mowers to allow proper cleaning with a stream of water, There are other cordless products, including mowers, that allow it, so why not Ego? For me, that's a deal breaker.

  19. I remember using an electric lawn mower 15-20 years ago, and it sucked!! Because it had to be plugged in via extension cords to an outlet.

  20. I bought the latest Ego lawnmower and trimmer and they are great. I live in the lower Texas area so you know how hot it can get in the summer and number of times you need to mow. I have just under 1/2 and acre and do just fine with the charge because I need to take a break anyway so recharge or just split the front and back onto different days. No smell, no fuss, no maintenance, quieter – what’s not to like.

  21. And I have the new ones 7.5 amp battery 🔋
    I never bag or having issues not cut or stop the mower:)
    but I have couple problems 🙁
    1. The mower is too lite 🙁
    2. the mower is too small 🙁
    3. A problem with the batteries it freezes or won’t charge and one last that long with 7.5 A only 5000 ft.² yards you can cut:(
    4. And I have fescue grass I cut like 4.5 inches 🙂 and when I cut the grass front wheels Digs grass in and i’m on second day that grass raise up and you can see the stripes tall 🙁
    5. The mower it’s sow light one pass can float on top of the grass second pass can go down with the same settings you can see the difference 🙁
    6. The mower is so tiny I have 1600 square-foot yard taking me one hour and a half to finish with one pass if I’m doing double pass takes over two hours 🙁 and you have to do a double pass because of those stripes 🙁 because of the tiny wheels digs that grass in 🙁 oh and it doesn’t have an enough suction to suck the grass back out with the blades 🙁
    7. Not enough RPMs or not enough vacuum to lift the grass up from the ground. 🙁
    8. The bottoms for self propel the end of the cutting your yard you have hands A Ssort they’re too tiny and you have to squeeze the hands too tight 🙁
    EGO Mower they need to fix dthese issues 🙁

  22. Good for most homeowners,but for lawn care contractors who do multiple lawns a day,not so much.They would need to buy multiple batteries.But they are a nicely designed mower.The handle is ergonomic which is a plus for older geezers like me.Plus that multiple blade set up would be great for mulching the leaves in the fall.With a massive Maple in my backyard,I need to mulch as much as possible.Good review,thanks.

  23. I turned 60 this year and you have an idea of how relieved I am to SIMPLIFY one essential part of my home life. Bought into EGO in 2021 and every piece of equipment is better than my (commercial-level Stihl) gas counterpart. I counted nine maintenance items that I no longer have to purchase. Can't wait for winter to arrive so that I can do nothing to prep the EGO equipment for the season! 💯💯💯

  24. Why does the first mower come with two batteries and the new one only comes with one ???

  25. I hope ego makes a wider push mower at some point. 33” would be nice

  26. Products like this sometimes really do make me wonder if my old man's destroying the planet out of spite at this point.
    This thing's no shit cheaper and more sturdy than the shitty gasoline mower my he rolled up with 4 years ago <_< (and yes im talking about the old model)

  27. I loved my ego till it broke out of warranty. And no one will fix it. My only option is to buy a new mower. Going back to gas.

  28. For the quality and PRICE,……….KOLBALT has been awesome for me. Plus military/veteran DISCOUNT!

  29. I bought a 20” push EGO back in 2015. It has worked well, but after about 3 years it had an electronic failure and so I dropped it off at Home Depot for an in-warranty repair. It took a month to get it fixed. Now into the 6th year, it has failed again (out of warranty). Finding a place to repair it has been a challenge. If the repair estimate exceeds $200, I may just opt to get a new EGO. Spending the extra $100 for self-propulsion is an overkill because the EGO is easy enough for even an adolescent to push. Overall, the EGO still beats a gas-powered mower.

  30. 2:09 : not true, you also have to have your batteries CONSTANTLY plugged to the charger when not in use or else they won't be covered by the warranty. That's a big hassle (on top of being wasteful & possibly dangerous if you leave your house unattended?), especially since you receive a 2nd battery for free with this mower and only have one charger…

  31. Study finds 20% of e-lawnmower users go back to gas, lol! Just kidding

    To be fair many cons weren’t mentioned by undecided, and fairly so for environmental concerns. But here’s some reasons gas may may make more sense for some homeowners with larger properties where mowing more than once a week isn’t an option:

  32. Have Ego battery mower, been using it 3 yrs but now it has gone dead. I don't know anything about electricity and if I take it to be repaired I am sure it will be very expensive. With a petrol mower, it's easier to diagnose the problem.

  33. I have a Stihl battery mower,and I am on the fourth year with it. I am very happy with the machine.

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