In this video we crack open a Husqvarna 430X Automower to take a look at what is actually inside of one of these units. As you can see there are a few electric motors, circuit boards, some wire, and the battery but there is also a lot of empty space inside the unit.

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  1. Hey. Great video. I just got my first automower. I know this is an old video but just so you know those warranty void stickers are not legal. Look up "1975 Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act"

  2. Thanks! It helped me fixing the collision active sign. My wife lifted it to hard and one of the joysticks was loose. I just pressed it back 🙂 Saved me a trip to the repairshop.

  3. HI
    I have husqvarna automower 320.My battery is stay old. i took it from mower. here 18650 1600mah vtc3 cells. i bought cells 18650 vtc6 3000mah and did same 5p2s. old bat has bms board (bq77908A). i re soldered and output of bms 7 volts. i am thinking bms is not working with new cells. how to restart/startup this bms with new cells? my be your know something ? thank you

  4. My Automower 430X has been hard at work for the last 5 months, and I find that it is indispensable. But today the power supply is out of commission so the base station and mower are useless.

    I really need a new power supply ASAP, and Husqvarna support is slow. Do you have one on hand for sale, or can you suggest an alternative?

  5. Excellent video! I do have questions. Are these mowers sealed well enough to keep water out if the mower were to enter a pool of standing water about 6 or so inches deep? I also would like to know how I can change the phone number in the AutoConnect that will allow me to send commands to the Automower. I bought mine online so it’s not programmed with my number. My magnet fell out after the first year. I found it using a pice of steel conduit, dragging it around the yard near the place where it stopped. I sealed it back in place with some silicone and it’s been fine since. I do get some odd errors from time to time, especially after it’s been upside down for a blade change.

  6. Thanks for that. Do you know if it is possible to install a bigger or extra battery in a 420? I'd love to try it (maybe closer to end of warranty).

  7. I just bought a 315 and it might be the best purchase I've ever made. It works so much better than I'd expected. Kinda spendy, but the engineering and testing that went into this thing make it worth it!

  8. Hi,

    I just set up a Husqvarna auto mower 315. I have it all hooked up the green light is on the charger. Everything seems correctly installed. The mower powers up and tells me to shut the door to start. Then nothing happens. It just sits there. I have not seen the thing move yet! Is there a one time setup wizard when you first turn it on? If so I may have used that before I had my wire set up. How can I make it do the initial setup again?

  9. Thank you for showing. I have a hard time figuring out why they are so expensive now that I've seen the inside.

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