How to work your automatic robot lawn mower using your I-phone or Android. The AutoLawnMow Genie Mower App is available to download from I-Tunes or Direct from our website

If you have any questions regarding this App or any of the AutoLawnMow products or services please contact AutoLawnMow today.

The Genie Robot Lawn Mower App working across the Home Wifi connection giving the customer greater coverage than the normal App’s which only work over Bluetooth and small distance.

The AutoLawnMow Range of Automatic Robot Lawn Mowers all work with the App. AutoLawnMow App work across the full Range of Genie Robot Lawn mower.

Happy Mowing From AutoLawnMow.

Europe leading supplier of Automatic Garden Robot Lawn Mowers.
Full after sales and servicing available.
2002- 2015 AutoLawnMow.




  1. Fun to watch this thing putz around the yard. Protip: cut your lawn before you install it.>>>  Makes pegging the stakes easier, leaves less slack in the wire, and the mower doesn't cut long grass well.

  2. The New AutoLawnMow Robot Lawn Mower Android App is now available for all the AutoLawnMow Range of Genie Robot Lawn Mower.

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