DeMay is off being some kinda, “Turf Professional” this week so it’s going to be a Thirsty Friday. Oleepoole joins us from his 130,000 sq ft lawn in Central North Carolina. He’s a Cool Season guy (the best kind) that stands behind the hashtag, #fescuefreak.

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  1. Good stuff! You have forever changed my view on bio solids Matt and Ray, but I will never give up my humic acid because deep down I'm a dirty hippy that loves glyphosate.
    Can't wait for the next KOTG episode!

  2. Good show! Olee pls jump on the youtube more, relate a lot to what you do.

  3. <~~~Big Olee fan! Keeping that land looking that good is awesome! I especially LOVE his relationship with his daughteđź’š

  4. Man, John Poecox had a hard on for Olee… sounds like a sour ass dude. I find it hilarious that no one was taking his bait…..

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