We review the @Greenworks Tools 60V 25-inch lawnmower. It’s dual blades cut a wide swath through the grass. The included 4Ah and 2Ah battery deliver enough runtime to handle lawns up to 1/3-acre. Pop in a couple of 5Ah packs, however, and you can tackle much larger lawns. Plus, the extra width accomplishes a lot more in the same amount of mowing time.



  1. Almost bought one. Until I found out that Greenworks is owned by Globe Tools Group, a Chinese company. Bought a Toro instead. American company founded in 1914.

  2. Can the Greenworks 60 volt 25" self propelled lawnmower use the Greenworks 60 volt X-Range 8Ah batteries?

  3. Can you plx review the GW 25 inch 60 volt vs the GW 25 inch 82v

  4. @Pro tool review
    Just got mine yesterday.
    DISAGREE with "no mohawk". I had to cross cut ENTIRE lawn. I'm returning it. Might try the 21" or the EGO mower.
    On positive note,
    Run time is significantly higher! I went for about an hour in turbo mode before it switched over to second battery. Only used self propelled mode a few times though, otherwise I was pushing.

  5. When one gets their new mower (mine arrives on Wed, yaaay) should the batteries be charged fully first before using or is it best to use as is and run them down completely before fully charging for the first time? That seems kind of odd to me, but I heard in another review that doing that is actually good for the batteries. I can’t imagine that it truly makes a difference. Plus, I would think you would want to fully charge so you can have as much time as needed to completely mow your yard. Thanks in advance.

  6. Bummer they stick us with one 4 amp battery and a 2. I'm concerned with the controls, I like the levered clutch, a personal pace would be a deal breaker for me but, what about the blade control and having to move foreword to disengage the clutch, would I have to mess with that, would that cost me time?

  7. I have around an 8th of an acre and still decided on the 25. Also, unless th hey misled me, I'm getting 2 4ah batteries with mine. I also got it on sale for $599.99 shipped to my door.

  8. How does the self propel handle the think St. Augustine grass he in FL. I currently have a gas powered Haq. AWD mower. Last thing I want is to have to start pushing the mower. I currently have a 60 volt greenwork blower with a 2.5Ah battery. That will work in this as well? Great video review!

  9. but try to get the two lousey bolts that hold the handle onto the uprights is a nightmare. Thought an e-mail would do it, but no. Ten e-mails get nothing from this anti customer company. Try calling for support before you buy. If you get through add it to the comments here (if it is true!)

  10. I don't believe they sell this model any longer. I was looking at the 21 M250102 I believe that's the model. I'm also looking at the Toro. Any thoughts?

  11. I bought this mower and had to return the first one because it stopped working after four uses. When I tried to start it, all i got were two beeps. I received a replacement and I am in the process of trying to return the defective mower, but Greenwork's Customer Service is atrocious. They are basically invisible. They don't return emails and you have to wait on hold for over an hour at minimum to talk to someone. They also never notified me that the first and replacement mowers shipped. They just showed up. They also never notified me when the pickup was scheduled or even that it was scheduled. I was told to wait for information to be emailed to me before I pack the defective mower for pickup. They never got back to me with information and I have had the UPS driver at my door twice looking for a pickup which I was never notified about.
    I purchased the mower on August 5th. When I check the order status to this day, it shows "processing." Needless to say, Greenworks Customer Service is inept and they don't seem to care about that. Terrible company to deal with.

  12. Bought this mower three weeks ago. Used it 4 times with no problems. Today, it doesn't start and all I get are two beeps when I try to start it. Batteries are charged and the mower is not damaged. It just decided to beep instead of start today. Not happy.

  13. Only 26 minutes? That's a no go here. Also a far cry from what they advertise.

  14. I can't believe they don't have larger capacity batteries. Ego has 7.5 and 10Ah batteries. Greenworks should have bigger batteries instead of the extra port on the mower.

  15. If 1 blade hits something and the other one don’t then it might be out of ailment and the blades will hit each other 🧐🧐

  16. I own the 25 inch commercial version. It does leave a nice cut, but it doesn't suck up the debris as well as my old Honda hrx 217.

    You do have to sharpen the blades more often, but it's easier than my old Honda.

  17. @Pro Tool Reviews. Thanks Kenny for the thorough review of this cordless mower. In your experience, does the weight of the mower (engine in the case of gasoline or batteries and motor in the case of cordless) plus the weight of the mower deck play a part in the cut quality of a lawn especially with uneven or very lush lawns? I'd think with lush lawns that gas lawnmowers with a steel deck gives a better consistent cut.

    Hope you and your family stay safe and well.

  18. Soon theyll double up and have 4 blades and you can stand on the top and fly like a helicopter/drone from your front yard to back yard πŸšπŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  19. I have to say that Greenworks customer support is lousy, nonexistent and totally worthless. I will never buy one of their products again.

  20. You will have to sharpen the blades more often with those thin blades.

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