Obstacle avoidance is an essential topic for self-driving vehicles. In this discussion, we often hear the word “LIDAR.” These devices recently got cheaper and affordable for many Makers. But are they worth your money for obstacle avoidance?

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  1. Excuse me sir, how to set the number in the upper right corner of the frame grabber? My display is 8K, while your display is 2K

  2. Are you joking about a invincibility of F-117 and domination of US Airforces for decades?! It was shot down by the S-125 system (Air defense system of the 60s) in the 90s in Yugoslavia!!! It's ridiculous to talk about the invisibility of the F-117, as well as the F-35!!!

  3. for a biped robot that only walks indoor maybe a kinect would be enough to navigate through doors and maybe locate stair steps, i saw a robot wheeled robot with a kinect, i think it was a Linux PC

  4. Great video! I am a novice working on a robot and need to do away with the ultrasound because I have dogs. I am using Rasberry Pi 4B 4GB do you have any suggestions to replace the ultrasound units? My robot does not exceed about 3 to 4 miles per hour.

  5. Thank you Anrdreas. Great presentation. My question and yeah, we are at 2021 now, is with what you've presented and what I gleaned from other sources, isn't this why things that crawl, fly, etc… utilize multiple sensor types to create a holistic picture? The end of this video showed you positioning ultrasonic in three different orientations with the Lidar. The limitations that you identify, and thank you for that, pretty much was the icing on the cake for me for why our critical systems out there now are using every available tech to overlap and cover the blank spots. In this time (three years) have you seen any one of the tech's used rise to the top and provide a clear picture? Thanks again, really enjoy the breakdowns you do of this stuff and it's serving well in educating me to the topic.

  6. A ring of alternating small mirrors pointing up and down, spaced a few mm apart, could allow up and down view, at the sacrifice of some angular point resolution which it has plenty of.

  7. WHat about outdoor performance , practical applications will require the LIDAR to work outdoors

  8. have you made this type of video for RPLidar A2 and A3??? Please share link with me, thanks!

  9. Resolutions is the smallest increment something can measure, for example, a ruler that was markings 1mm apart has a resolution of 1mm. A ruler that has markings 1cm apart has a resolution of 1cm.

    – Accuracy is how accurate to the real value the measurement is.
    – Resolution is the smallest increment the measurement can show.

  10. Excellent explanation. I am considering a combination of lidar and camera for my Jetson nano based robot. The real challenge is speed of data processing and reaction time in the software/hardware. Python on ROS is easier but i think may not be as fast to process as C++…. I may need to resort to low level assembly code just to read lidar/camera data to produce the stop command. Other than that I think the rest of Slam will work fine. Any thoughts about voice recognition and speech synthesis… Next step is to get my robot to talk back to me. 🤓

  11. You are there dirty guy, you don't know electronics, first learn electronics , you are just a baby don't know anything stupid, old man😈😈😈😰😰😰😰

  12. Hello Sir. I'm student and I'm going to join VW contest for self driving platform on montage halle. This platform must load parts and unload in other place. Is looking far is suitable for this solution ?

  13. Thanks – been cogitating these exact issues. Wouldn't be too hard to put a servo there to make the LIDAR rock forward and backward to get vertical scanning. At least these are fairly inexpensive.

  14. For slow moving vechicles a servo tilting the lidar would allow it to scan up/down a few degrees in the moving direction. Probably enough to detect descending stairs.

  15. What about creating 4 half spheres consisting of multiple sensors and putting them in the front, right, left and back of the vehicle. Then you could do 3d obstacle avoidance. It's not perfect, because cars are rectangular, but it could be possible.

  16. Now I’m not sure if the Rd Lidar is any good

  17. dont be dumb buy a servo for change the lidar horizon
    do you want rally a donation

  18. 9:00 I believe you have been unfair to its measurement capabilities. The vertical boundaries of the box are quite thick and would measure up to 1.5 – 2 CM combined. This makes measuring the length from inside the box different from measuring it from the outside and hence possibly explains the 41 CM vs 43 CM discrepancy. This is confirmed by the correct measurement obtained for the width. The horizontal boundaries are very thin and hence measuring the width from outside the box of from or the inside will result in roughly the same value ~35 CM.

  19. Us threr any sensor work as this lidar with high range??
    I need a sensor that detect the distance and the angle at the same time

  20. the solution is obviously a sensor pod with several subsystems gathering data from their area of responsibility

  21. The argument about wall tracking was disingenuous. Wall paint is predominantly a light scatterer, and not a polished reflector as depicted. At ranges of interest for wall tracking there’s plenty of reflected light. The data closest to the vehicle is likely to be lost to the LIDAR’s rangefinder’s minimum distance, so mapping the space being moved through in advance of proximity is helpful. Anyone with the sophistication to create this video already knew that and advanced a line of reasoning they knew was false. Its fairly clear the intention is to add confusion rather than insight. If stereoscopic optical imaging worked well enough to do range finding LIDAR would still be useful in low/no light. If LIDAR worked perfectly RADAR sensors would be obsolete. An so on for ultrasonic all the distance and proximity measuring schemes. For the time being no single sensor type meets all needs.

  22. Hello.Andreas
    hello ALL
    Great info Thankyou Noted.Marvalous . Hey is it poss to make a servo rotation device to cover all axis up dow left right and all around for home tiny dones or an other devices for fast obstical

    Avoidence Fast ??

  23. Dear Andreas,
    The opening angle of ultrasonic sensors is 18° and not 30° as you said.

  24. Hello!. Help please. What kind of technology would you recommend me to study to be able to detect human precense in a room and prevent a robot arm from hitting humans, and after recognizing the human dimensions and position, changing its trajectory until it reaches its final destination. I was thinking about tensorflow, however I need something more three-dimensional.
    Thank you!

  25. Here's my very short and to-the-point rant against the capitalization of "lidar" (as "LIDAR" or "LiDAR", both commonly seen): 1. You don't capitalize the analogous acronyms "radar" and "sonar" as "RADAR" and "SONAR" or "RaDAR" and "SoNAR", do you? 2. When the word was coined, the very first times it ever appeared in print, it was printed in all lowercase.

  26. Very interesting video! I do not know about the RPLIDAR but I have seen other LIDAR sensors on the market that do not capture BLACK surfaces properly or at all just like your stealth plane example! In addition they may have too many noisy artefacts to be filtered. I recommend asking the manufacturer for a video of the sensor in operation before buying.

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