In this video we show you the steps involved to split open a 300 series Husqvarna Automower to replace the battery. The 300 series of Automowers available here in North America include the following models: 310, 315, and 315X. Replacing the battery in one of these mowers requires splitting open the mower’s chassis, but it is a pretty straight forward project and the only tool you really need is a T20 torx bit screw driver. As always we recommend NOT using power tools to remove or install the screws on your Automower because you may damage the threads in the plastic parts.

300 series Automower battery (wrapped style):

300 Series black plastic encased battery (plastic box):

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Husqvarna 310 315 315X Automowers

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  1. Thanks for that. Really useful and well-presented.
    Someone told me a Husqvarna agent has to do something with the software, to get it to recognise the new battery correctly and get the full capacity out of it. Can I assume he was wrong?

  2. THANK YOU for this great instructional video!! I was glad to purchase the parts directly from your store! And shipping was 100% fast — very appreciated, helps get me back up and running again quickly!! THANK YOU!

  3. Thanks for the video it's a big help. And thanks for shipping my parts quickly. You guys are the best!

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