This is probably the best electric lawn mower available, period. Here’s my review of the new Ryobi 48V 115Ah 54″ zero turn electric riding mower, that cuts up to 3.5 acres on a single charge! It zips around and cuts at a max speed of 7 MPH, super quiet, runs clean, no smelly gas, just charge and go!

Ryobi 54″ ZTR:

My Gear:

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  1. How long do the batteries last and how much are they? I know the Ryobi uses regular SLA batteries instead of lithium batteries used in the other battery powered zero turns, and those lithium batteries last 3 to 6 years and cost around $2000 to replace.

  2. ZERO!!!! Top Tier Commercial grade mowers mow at 8 mph. Only the entry level and a few of the mid level mowers mow that slow. The Top Tier mow at 10MPH to 15 MPH. The Top Tier Mean Green electric ZTR mowers mow at 13 MPH, Their Mid tier 11.5 MPH. The Green works Top Tier Electric ZTR's mow at 12 MPH. and pretty much 99% of ALL the top tier gas ZTR's mowers mow at 11-15 MPH

  3. You could have been honest and said this thing is junk. Battery died after 2 yards charging time is way longer than advertised 🤔 don't be a tool for these guys.

  4. Was this guy paid by Ryobi to cut dead grass, the BDI may not show dynamic charge capacity hours

  5. Stop speeding the video up. We want real time. Stop talking so much. If it's that good it will speak for itself

  6. Really appreciate the review and detail! Though it looks like you’re mostly mowing dirt in this video. Longer grass would keep the ground a bit wetter/greener and stop the loss of topsoil…

  7. Does it have features (phone pocket, storage, reverse charging, rapid charging, etc) similar to the EGO zero turn?

  8. And it's only 5500.00 BUCKS! Battery warranty needs to go up and the price needs to come down to be a viable option…

  9. Why don't ryobi use Li ion batteries, much lighter and last longer? Or at least give the option, cost ???

  10. lol me who lives on a large farm and there’s no way that thing could mow my whole lawn I stick with my gas zero turn

  11. Not worth the money. Professional landscapers and guys who do grass cutting as a side business will steer clear of that garbage. Real men love the smell of gas, and no we aren't hurting the planet with our gas engines. We are keeping it manicured lol

  12. All fine and dandy until the battery degreation gets bad and you can't take the battery off of it

  13. Zero turns were meant to be electric. But the regular tractor lawn mowers are better off as gas/diesel.

  14. This is great but what in a long run when batteries will need to be replaced, won't it create more pollution and where will we dispose billions of batteries??? Just wondering for the future.

  15. I'd like to see an electric ride on reel mower – much more efficient and quieter. I mean they used to make ones you could push along by hand, so they should be good on battery life.

  16. Cutting so short is terrible for the soil- bakes it in the sun.

  17. The batteries – if its 48 volts, I'm assuming it has four 12 volt batteries?
    So are these 115Amp/Hr each or what?

  18. All pros, no cons???? I can't help but wonder about the dust and clippings being sucked into and through the electric motors by their cooling fans. How about addressing that, after you have cut grass with it, for a season? also. Not sure how the switches are wired, but it may need an operator handy, emergency stop button, to disconnect all power. From experience, I know that a stuck switch, especially on an electric fork lift, that you can not turn off, or stop from moving, is a dangerous, and hairy problem to solve, especially in a crowded factory. An electric mower, outside, would be a little different, but still dangerous.

  19. SMH city people thinking 3/4 acre is a big yard.. and that this is a powerful mower

  20. Finally a lawn mower for people who won the lottery.

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