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I made this disc sander out of scrap that I had lying around in my workshop.
It’s powered by a 1.6hp electric lawn mower motor.
The disc is made from phenolic resin coated plywood and attaches to the motor shaft via friction.
Don’t try this at home! You could damage your gel nails!




  1. Mich würde interessieren, wie es um die Langlebigkeit der Scheiben bestellt ist. Grundsätzlich finde ich es super, da Multiplex bzw. Siebdruck deutlich einfacher herzustellen sind, als Aluplatten. Andererseits wäre es natürlich auch nervig, wenn man die Scheiben öfter mal erneuern müsste. Kann ich mir aber eigentlich kaum vorstellen.

  2. how is this cheap and simple?!?! he has every power tool available to make this disk sander. router, router table, drill press etc etc. if u can afford all the other tools then just buy the disk sander. pointless clickbait

  3. Not bad for the first one. I definitely would have used the band saw first then the circle jig. It usually takes a couple of versions to get a good design.

  4. Thank you  Cosmas, that's what I needed thanks again. BTW where should I go to find used motors?

  5. Ola Boa noite muito enterescante a sua invensão sera que o amigo tem as medidas das pecas de madeira fico grato valeu

  6. I've been wanting to make my own disc sander for a while now but have been stuck on how to secure the disc onto the shaft of the motor. Is a secure friction fit with the flange really all it takes? My motor shaft has a small flat side that runs along the length of the shaft so I'm not sure how safe and secure the disc and flange would be. If anyone has any tips or advice that would be awesome!

  7. i have made a smaller one from an old motor from a dishwasher it looks ok, and it was very very simple to make. tanks for the idea.

  8. Excellent tip on balancing the disc…Thank you.  Keep up the great work…

  9. Great idea! And I love the suggestion in the comments to use the turntable platter from a discarded record player because they are already balanced and the right size.

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