The comparison of the worx Landroid robotic mower line up including the new plus models and demonstration of the Landroid M500 Plus,
Want to know the difference between the landroid s300, the landroid m500, or the landroid L1000,
want to know the difference between a M500 and M500 plus,
Want to know how to install a worx landroid with installation tips

Then this is the video for you

my Model show is Worx Landroid M500 Plus

Below affiliate links

Landroid S300 Standard
Landroid S300 Cut to edge

Landroid M500 Standard
Landroid M500 PLUS

Landroid M700 Standard
Landroid M700 PLUS

Landroid M1000 Standard

Landrand L1000 Standard

Landroid L1500 Standard

00:00 Introduction
01:57 Model numbers
03:29 Shameless plug
03:42 More on the mowers
04:17 Plus model difference
05:10 Extras
05:50 Demonstration
08:21 Starting Edge Routine
09:12 Boundary wire
09:58 Avoiding objects
10:58 How Quiet or Noisy
11:09 Boundary wire Installation tips
11:42 Main Lawn cut
12:28 Returning to charger
12:41 My Review


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  1. Just ordered the WR153E L1500 for £800 from eBay. Didn't realise about the floating cutting disc. Maybe I should return it and get the plus version?

  2. Good video and explanation of the various models! I have had mine for 2 months now and am really pleased. I have probably a little over of half an acre of a "kidney bean" looking layout within 5 acres that is not your typical "garden" square shape. Being a rather "non-boxy" layout did cause the random-pattern nature of my L model to miss a few spots here and there until I quite frankly trained myself to let it run longer during the week to be able to effectively mow the whole lawn. Since I am maxing out the capabilities in terms of pure recommended area and length of border wire, I have gotten creative with using rock borders around trees and other things to take advantage of the bump avoidance system. I even found that a 55 gallon drum cut in half is the perfect fit for placing over the top of my septic treatment plant top caps. "Billy" (what I named him) was able to climb the top cap and he ate the PVC vent cap on the top of one. He also ate a year and a half old Japanese maple tree. I blame myself for being too lazy to surround it with stone when I told myself 2 days before, though. Otherwise, there have been just a few spots I had to adjust the wire to solve problems. I have a thin leaf Bermuda grass lawn in Northern Mississippi, USA.

  3. When I bought my WR141E (M500) I had previously compared the specifications of the M500, M700 and M1000. The only differences I could find were: the capacity of the battery and the charging current of the charger. So, although my iawn is over 1000 square metres, I bought an M500 plus a larger (5Ah) battery and a high current charger (3.25A). Because the M500 I bought was a 2019 model, and reduced in price, this all cost me £600 in total. So I saved about £400 over an M1000. The mower has been working extremely well since 15th April 2020.
    P.S. I also had to buy an extra 50m of perimeter wire (£15). I sold the Worx 2Ah battery (£33) and the Worx 1.5A charger (£27) on eBay.

  4. Not the best design that it does not have a lockable compartment for all addons.
    The sensors cost close to 300 Euros (half the price of the mower) and can be stolen in 2 seconds by just pulling them off…
    Also the addons are like addons on a BMW, the base mower is 600 Euros and addons can cost well over 1000….
    Great review though 🙂

  5. Really helpful! Just wondering what you would suggest as I have 2 lawns connected by a level path. As I understand I can run a guide wire from the back lawn to the front lawn so it can mow both areas is that right?

  6. Good information for new buyers to be aware of highlighting the new 2021 Plus models. For people with smaller lawns (S300), please note there is NO Cut to edge 2021 model available, which is a shame. The link to the S300 Cut to edge model provided, is for an old model (circa 2017) which obviously does not have any of the great 2021 Plus functions and would not recommend buying this.

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