Hardware explained, wiring explained, code explained, demonstration of motor control and maximum load is tested.

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Jump to different section of this video by clicking on the time:
00:00 Start
00:48 Hardware Explained
04:06 Datasheet viewed
07:07 Wiring Explained
09:00 Code explained
14:33 Demonstration
16:47 Maximum current test
19:25 Thermal image
19:27 Different code test

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Tutorial by Ahmad Shamshiri form Canada
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  1. Nice video mate. Just ordered 2 of these things.. lets see if I can catch them on fire 🙂

  2. you have no idea , how helpful you were to my career ,
    one day soon , i will pay you back respectively , out of appreciation and sheer respect .

  3. Thank you very much for useful video. What about to use a thermal paste between heat sink and board (and fill up the holes). Or attach heat sink directly on chips. Could it than withstand 30 amperes?
    I mean: is higher current only dependent on cooling?

  4. How good is this H bridge in comparison to others such as l298 which is known to have some voltages drops across the drive itself.

  5. Love the library and I currently have something working based on what you have shown. How would I expand the library you've included to have soft start and soft stop instead of just the hard stop you have now? Ideally I would have motor.rotate(5,CW); motor.easestop();

  6. hi i don't suppose you could help me i would like to use two bts7960 motor drivers with Arduino for a rc lawn mower so it would be mixed controls possibly to a ps2 controller with Bluetooth to drive the robot i have never used Arduino so would be looking for help with a code and wiring really but any help or even a point in the direction of a video that could give me some idea on where to start would be brilliant thankyou in advance

  7. Well you don't show diagrams about the wiring. You are speaking of "the four first / second four wires you are just showing connect this wire to that IO-pin and that's it

    This is unprofessional!
    Here is a manual that explains which pin does what

    A real professional would show a wiring diagram where each and every pin of the H-bridge-modul has a name that explains the function and a number and then the wiring diagramm would clearly show which H-bridge-pin is connected to what Arduino-IO-pin.
    The way you tried it to epxlain forces your viewers to re-wind your video multiple times write down which color goes to what pin to ensure to get it connected right.
    man again that is UNPROFESSIONAL. All in all an adver-teasing about your udemy-channel Thumb down!

  8. Thank you for your effort Sir! It is so helpfull. I also added some button etc. Seems great thanks to you!

  9. Thema you for your nice tutorial but I would have a question what kind of
    battery do you use

  10. How to know bts7960 is shutdown sir?? Or broken?? Because i have bts, when i use on my motor wiper, sometime bts not responsir,

  11. Respected sir can u sent me the library of BTS7960 PWM H Bridge motor controller module for proteus???

  12. This is a great tutorial video.. well you always did. Thank you very much. BTw, I got one question, can I use this as a voltage regulator? maintain 70V and placed it on the high side of the load? Appreciate your reply thanks in advance.

  13. Hello, thanks for the video, very well explained.
    I am trying to control this module with a CLP (24V). So, I have put an optocoupler (24v – 5V) to make the interface. Unfortunately, my BTS7960 outputs is not working properly. Or both with 24V, or 1 with 24v and other with floating (no GND)

    Do you can imagine what could be happening?
    Thanks in advanced.

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