Richard shows you how to replace the Blades on your Husqvarna Automower®/Robotic Lawn Mower.

Regularly replacing the cutting blades ensures that your robotic lawn mower cuts the grass cleanly and prevents fraying of the grass tips. By cutting the grass little and often, the grass breaks down quickly and acts as natural fertiliser for your lawn, helping to make it thicker and greener.

Buy replacement lawn mower blades for your Husqvarna robotic lawn mower here:

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Hi and welcome to the Hayes Machinery YouTube channel. We are here to make entertaining videos involving garden machinery. On this channel you’ll find challenge videos, restoration videos and lots of chainsaw videos. But more importantly, if you are looking for technical info or tutorials we also have a range of how to and product videos. If there’s something you need help with and would like a video demonstration, let us know and we’d more than happy to help.

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  1. so you don't need to take off the screws in the center of the circle?

  2. Learning more from the videos Richard 🙂 Does the blade disk spin in the same direction every time, or alternate? Thanks.

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