Make a Electric Lawn Mower – Diy Tools

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ATTENTION: Informative video not to be replicated, all the actions of this video have been performed safely. So I do not take any responsibility in case of accidents in the replication of this object.




  1. Hello sir , is the tyre suitable for this? And will not wear out? I use sprocket for bike is it possible or i need lighter one.
    Hope understand what im try to say

  2. Kosiarka ręczna przerobiona na najmniejszą kosiarkę elektryczną z napędem na koła jaką kiedykolwiek widziałem

  3. The engineering design of that type of lawn mower (from it's inception) is garbage!!! Anyone who has owned one can tell you this. They are not designed for adjustability to type of grass/thickness/height. They do a sloppy job of cutting grass! You need razor sharp blades, precision gap adjustment and high torgue to cut anythine with this type of design. Don't waste your time! Nice try though!

  4. Thinking of doing a similar build. Did you get any wear on drive side wheel ?

  5. Whoa! I did not expect too much, but the result is quite impressive.

  6. Fantastic skill on display in this video. A universal lawn mowing or hoovering device that works with a standard drill will be a real hit. Just have to make attaching and detaching the drill easier for charging and when it is needed for other tasks.

  7. hello, Maestro 🙂 i wondered how long it runs on 1 charge ?
    I habe a couple of 'dead' drills, with good motors, and an electric mower that i don't want to push, so much…

  8. Hello! I’m the grandson of the inventor of the world’s first electric powered reel mower! It wasn’t battery powered, but he attached a motor to it the way you did a power drill and it was corded.
    I like your cleverness! Thank you for the video! My grandfather would have enjoyed this!

  9. this is called the real skill! the way you transformed the manual reel lawnmower to the next level is just mindblowing. 👍

  10. Very clever idea .could be the beginning of something 🤔🤔🤔🤔👍👍👍👍👍

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