A bit of Christmas break fun in the kitchen with the fabled Robot Lawnmower, BigTrak, and a Vaccum Cleaner from iRobot (Roomba).

Guns for show, KNIVES for a pro!… Balloons and M&Ms!

Thanks kindly to Vicky for putting up with my antics, and to Dave for his encouragement!

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Please see my other videos and playlists – which include the building and creation of the RobotLawnmower and Updated Vintage BigTrak!

Thanks kindly to Billy in the Lowground band for the fantastic music!

Merry Christmas from Dubious Engineering!

, https://i.ytimg.com/vi/BopEye6pNvk/hqdefault.jpg



  1. I want to be an engineer so i can buy random home appliances and turn them into bots like these so i can make them fight each other. Like with an AI and stuff

  2. Hilarious! I thought none of the balloons would pop the way they started.

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