Cool idea from a angle grinder! I wish I’d known about it before!
Transformed my grinder into another useful machine.
Thanks for watching!





  1. You just made a 2 dangerous tools even more dangerous congratulations. Or you could just buy a chainsaw. Nice chain brake ya nut! 'King of ridiculously stupid' more like it.😆

  2. This is the kind of video that would be pushed out of the algorithm if dislikes were still shown.

  3. At that speed the oil will not make it to the chain, this guy must be russian LOL

  4. You know the angle grinder could cut wood faster right, you literally wasted your time

  5. You know normally I am all against law suits…..In your case I hope they shake the tree.

  6. 40 bucks and zero time you can buy an electric chainsaw at Harbor freight what a waste of time

  7. Why use SMAW on the bolt and GMAW on the tube? When you could have used GMAW on both and it be cleaner.

  8. Dangerous, NO safety, Try to come with ideas on how to protect your self from hese things first.

  9. I already have a chainsaw that does this exact thing, only much better. Why did you bother to do this? For the time and effort you too could have just gone and bought a chainsaw that would do the same thing only better and cheaper. WHY? Were you bored and didn't want to keep your fingers? WHY?????

  10. What on gods good green flat fucking earth type of MIG welding is that? The " zero penetration" style? Just lay down a continuous bead dude! Also, why not use the power head from the chainsaw as a chainsaw, and use the angle grinder as an angle grinder. Dumb, video. Please no one do this.

  11. What is wrong with all of you people making less functional tools from functional tools AND NEVER RUNNING A SOLID WELD BEAD EVER!!!!! This stuff makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out

  12. Kind of cool, but dangerous and another waste of time. If you have all the equipment used to do this, why not just have a good chain saw!!~Smart idiot~~~~!!

  13. Alright! Looks like an angle grinder meets The Purge or The Walking Dead 😯😯😁😁😈😈👍👍💯💯

  14. I like building and tinkering more than most people but I feel your time would be better spent fixing the chainsaw you got the bar from instead of turning your angle grinder into a death trap. I've seen a lot of unexplained failures with chainsaws and chainsaw blades, and so have chainsaw makers, which is why chainsaws are engineered with features meant to keep the user alive when things don't go as planned.

  15. Here’s a guy with absolutely nothing to do. Sorry I don’t get it. If you left the guide bar on the chain saw would it not have cut that wood. Also that grinder will burn out before the days over. If you have so much free time you can come rake my leaves.

  16. would of been cheaper and easier to buy a property chainsaw that's got a moter capacity to not burn out like that will

  17. Sharing knowledge if ppl think outside the box…ppl saying " I'd use a hand saw or some other sh1t…but nice

  18. Well this winns for the stupidest Idea I seen in awhile. This is not a function of a angle grinder. If you need a chainsaw there are many affordable safe options out there that will out preform that death trap.

  19. When I saw no guard on the grinder then I saw the big ol steel housing I thought oh OK he's making a real big guard to mess with all the commenter bitchin about not having a guard lol
    But no he was making something dumber.

  20. So how much money did he save by building this rickedy rackedy , uncontrollable, maiming machine? Sure it worked but such a big sacrifice of safety and work for how long even under normal use? A solid piece of dangerous junk.

  21. This is about the most stupidest dangerous thing I’ve ever seen but I love The ingenuity

  22. just make sure to leave a note where people can send the flowers or just a donation to charity.

  23. Id just use a hand saw…🤔 It would save time 😂😂😂😂

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