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Probably the coolest project I’ve built so far. It has already proven to be useful in- and outside the shop. Also the first time I could use the metal lathe.
By the way, this was no cheap project. All materials together cost about 200€, but still totally worth the investment!

Link to the metal hardware:

Enjoy the video!




  1. Would anyone be interested in plans? Though I can't guarantee that I can make some in the near future.

    And everyone: please watch the whole video before commenting

  2. You are a very smart Dude. I would go so far as to say a Genius. And yes, I really would like a set of plans for a hydraulic lift if you ever decide to make it. Thank you for this video . You wouldn’t happen to be related to a Mr Einstein would you ?

  3. Hi Marius,
    are there any plans to the table yet ? if yes could you hand out a link ? Thanks Matthias

  4. Great project. Is it possible to share your drawings or rough sketch for this idea. I would like to build one myself

  5. Hi Marius,
    I would like to have the plans of this lift and replicate it in my garage.
    I can't find the link to the pdf project ….. could you help me?
    thanks Ezio

  6. Build the nut for the drill into the handle option, that way you're not always having to track it down. Nut/drill shaft always attached, the the outer long part of the handle has a cutout for the drill shaft, and face pins to go into an outer ring around the outside of the socket. Really you don't need a socket, you can build all of this into the shaft. then just the drill goes on or the handle goes over and into it's own drive connections. And make a storage mount for the handle, so it isn't laying around when you're using the drill.
    Just seems much handier than having to swap and have a separate piece for the drill, and as always someone else may have mentioned similar already..

  7. The ad sale architecturally appear because hope relatively breathe past a hot huge distributor. shivering, wretched measure

  8. A very nice build, Marius. It seems you left no stone unturned in your effort to design and build this high-quality lift table. The thing that got me looking at your channel and this video, specifically is the need for a lift table to make working on my velomobile easier. I don't think I will be able to replicate this project of yours, but I want to ask, is there anything inherently limiting about this design, such that it would prevent the making of a longer and slighter wider table? One last thing, you mentioned four years ago that you were thinking about making plans available for this project. Are there plans available, now? Thank you.

  9. Ist das richtig das man diesen Tisch jetzt kaufen kann.
    Beworben mit deinem Video?

    Ich würde sogar 2 kaufen bin mir aber grad nich sicher ob das so richtig ist

  10. ممتاز .. اكثر من ممتاز شكرا جزيلا على الفكرة الرائعة

  11. Did you know that parts of your video and images captured from it are being used in a Facebook scam pretending to sell a lifting table just like yours? Nice Table! Nice Video as well. I really wanted one should have known it was a scam.

  12. sell them, knocked down, assembly required, minus the wheels, i would want one. makes for a great shooting table where you can adjust the height on the fly

  13. GOOD LORD!! Brother, love your builds.. Keep up the great work! I’d buy your plans for this

  14. I saw this advertised on Facebook and ordered one. Turns out a Chinese company scammed me and sent me a cheap pair of gloves.

  15. If there's anything good about having your video stolen and used for fraud, the algorithm pushed this back into my recommendations. I've already watched it about 10 times over the years and it's still great. 🙂 Commenting to keep that algorithm dumb fat and happy.

  16. Heads Up – Yahoo Finance has a guy advertising your lift – obviously stole your work. He also has parts of your video in his advertisement – Rod

  17. Some China man has stolen you're video and is trying to sell this item for £29;95p , I ordered this item and was sent a pair of gloves !!!! PayPal will be refunding my money.. !!!!dont get conned like me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. A lot of viewers requesting plans. It's now 5 years since this video was posted. I would gladly pay $50 USD for a set of plans. I do not have such nice equipment as yours, but I do have a 3 x 5 foot CNC which can do most of the work. Keep the videos coming. I really enjoy watching and learning from you.

  19. If you was to take an old 12 volt drill and cut off the handle and attach that to your threaded shaft, run your wires to a remote with double throw double pole switch along with a push button to operate the drill motor.
    Attach a long cord to a power supply (WALL WART) and power up and down.
    Connect the power to push button, then center connections of the switch, and motor wires to one end, and on the other end (but cross wires to be opposite of the other end) there is your forward and reverse control and on and off.

  20. It would be great if we could buy your plans on line from you . I think that your projects are excellent .

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