Husqvarna EPOS (Exact Positioning Operating System) is a breakthrough technology for professional Automower® robotic lawn mower models. The satellite-based technology enables the mowers to work within virtual boundaries. It’s an easy and flexible solution that’s perfect for soccer fields, golf courses, city parks, or commercial properties— anywhere with a largeContinue Reading

Every since I was a kid I wanted my own RC Mower. The wait is finally over. Parts List Standard Push Mower x1 WheelChair Motor Gearboxes x2 Rev Robotics Spark DC Motor Controllers x2 DC to DC Variable Step Down Regulator (RXPower) x1 Dual 7 amp hour batteries at 24Continue Reading

Taking care of elders and your family by monitoring your Home in Real-Time using Arduino. This Home Safety Monitoring System is an Arduino IoT Project, that will constantly monitor your Room for all environmental parameters like ambient temperature, light, humidity, pressure as well as Air Quality. It’s cool to makeContinue Reading

A radio contolled lawn mower with a 45 amp Denso alternator to provide power to the battery for the controller, motors and radio receiver. Engine does not have to be running to move the mower. The wheel chair motors have lock out levers so the unit can easily free wheelContinue Reading

United States of America RADIO CONTROLLED LAWN MOWER Title Reads “The Thing!” LS The mover running over garden lawn. MS Inventor Jim Walker seated in chair operating radio and reading paper. CU His fingers operating controls. MS The lawn mower at work. MS the lawn mower chasing after glamorous youngContinue Reading

Tackling an overgrown hill with a string trimmer? RC Mowers aims to increase your productivity, revenue, and bottom line. This video gives you the basics of these remote controlled lawn mowers. Join this channel to get access to perks: The products I use: Copper Creek Cuts is aContinue Reading